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Yamaha Blaster 200 Review

Yamaha introduced the Blaster way back in 1988, and the sport quad established itself as the best bang for the buck in the world of ATVs. Its basic manual-clutch design and simple air-cooled, two-stroke engine enabled it to sell at a budget price while still offering a comfortable and fun riding experience.

During its production that lasted for almost two decades, several Blasters were sold, and most of them are still hitting trails today. Yamaha Blasters are also available. If you’re looking for a Yamaha Blaster 200, then here is everything you need to know.


About the Yamaha Blaster 200

The Yamaha Blaster is among the best ATVs ever released by Yamaha because of its simplistic two-stroke engine that’s lightweight and nimble. It also came at a great price, and its parts were easy to modify and replace because the specifications remained the same in all models.

Every outdoor enthusiast loved it because it favored both beginners and experienced riders. Veterans enjoyed modifying them, while novice riders were thrilled by their speed. The Yamaha Blaster 200 works great in various terrains and dunes and is very lightweight. However, it doesn’t have back support, so you need to be keen when riding steep terrains.

Why Yamaha Stopped Producing Yamaha Blasters?

Despite endless improvements, the Yamaha Blaster lasted on the market for about 13 years before Yamaha stopped its production in 2006. But why did they end their production if they were so popular? Unfortunately, the US imposed strict requirements on emissions which made them halt manufacturing of the Blaster and replaced it with Yamaha Raptor.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a Yamaha Blaster, there are tons of them in the market that are still in top shape.

Specs & Features of the Yamaha Blaster 200


The Yamaha Blaster 200 comes with a 200cc air-cooled, two-stroke single-cylinder engine. It has a rearward kick start system and a 66.0mmx66.0mm stroke that leads to 195 cubic centimeters displacement. Unfortunately, this ATV doesn’t have reverse gear, but this should not be a great issue.


The Blaster 200 has a key switch ignition. This ensures that your ATV is in place and secure, so you won’t have to worry about someone stealing it or accidentally starting it.


The Yamaha Blaster 200 rides on 21×10-8 back tires and 21×7-10 front tires. These tires are perfect for maneuvering through rough roads and steep terrains.


The Blaster 200 is powered by a 6-speed sequential gearbox transmission. The power of this ATV was moderated via the Wet multi-plate.


The Yamaha Blaster 200’s braking system consists of Dual Hydraulic Discs in the front and a Hydraulic Disc in the rear. While the front suspension is an independent double-wishbone, 7.1 in W/5-way preload adjustment, while the rear has a swing arm, 7.1 in. and threaded preload adjustment.


This sporty quad uses a simple carburetor that has a fuel capacity of 2.7 gallons. It also has an independent double-wishbone suspension with a 7.1 inches wheel suspension in the front, and the rear also has a swing of 7.1 inches.

Weight capacity

The Yamaha Blaster has a weight of 324 lbs which makes it ideal for loading on the back of your truck.

Top speed

Yamaha Blasters have a top speed of about 55 mph. Since it’s a simple ATV, it can go pretty fast. With proper maintenance and fixing, you can get the ATV to 30 to 40hp. With sufficient modifications, you can increase its horsepower to 45 hp.

The Yamaha Blaster is fun to ride and comes with sufficient power to handle any trail. If you’re a beginner or want your friend to join ATV riding, a Yamaha Blaster is a great vehicle. The best thing about Blasters is that they are easy to replace parts, which are easily accessible.


The Yamaha Blaster comes at a low price tag, but this depends on the year and condition. You can get mid-condition Blasters for less than $2,000. However, some can cost up to $3,000, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a quality Blaster. If you find a low-price Blaster, chances are you may need to replace some parts.


Is a Yamaha Blaster 2 stroke?

Yes. The Yamaha Blaster 200 has a two-stroke, air-cooled engine.

Yamaha Blaster 200 Review

Does a Yamaha Blaster have a battery?

No. The Yamaha Blaster doesn’t have a battery, just a kicker. I don’t think it’s possible to mount it since there is no system to support it.


Yamaha Blasters were initially introduced as entry-level two-stroke ATVs. Thanks to the continuous improvements, these Blasters became one of the best-selling ATVs of their time.

These Blasters are still favorite rides for many riders because they are easy to use, powerful, and fast. If you’re looking for an affordable, powerful, and reliable ATV, Yamaha Blaster 200 is the way to go.