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What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear on the Beach?

You may have noticed that some people wear shoes at the beach while others don’t.

Most often you will see men wearing flip flops, sandals or sneakers on the beach. Women are more likely to be in their bare feet or sporting a pair of comfortable shoes with a thin sole and low heel.

So, what kind of shoes should I wear to the beach?

The kind of shoes you wear on the beach is a question that many people ask themselves when they are packing for their vacation. There is no single answer to this question, but I can offer some general guidelines.

The kind of shoes you wear on the beach depends entirely upon what activities will take place there, as well as where those activities might lead after dark (if anywhere). Be sure to pack a pair of comfortable shoes that can go from the water to the dance floor.

In general, you should wear closed-toe shoes if you plan on spending any time near rocks or coral reefs.

If there will be no swimming involved at all during your day/evening at the beach but lots of walking instead (with or without a sandy trail), then you should wear some kind of flat, open-toe shoes.

The following are some of the best shoe types you can wear to the beach:

Beach Flip-Flops

Beach Flip-Flops are a must for the beach. They are a staple of every vacationer’s wardrobe and they can be found at any store that sells shoes!

Beach flip-flops come in many varieties, from plain old rubber ones to those decorated with flashy beads or feathers, but all will do nicely as long as you remember not to wear them out on town after your day at the beach is over.

Beach Sandals

Beach Sandals are another excellent choice for the beach. They are usually rubber thong-style shoes with a decorative strap between the toes and they come in many colors, shapes and sizes.

One of my favorite styles is that which has pink leather on one side of the foot but black on the other – this allows you to change up your look while still giving off an air of sophistication!

Beach Sandals are perfect because they’re easy to slip on when it’s time to head home after hanging out at the shore all day long.

Water Shoes

Water Shoes are another useful type of footwear for the beach. They are lightweight, rubber-soled shoes with quick laces that can be tightened in a single motion.

TheyWhat makes Water Shoes so great is their ability to keep your feet dry by covering them up completely while still allowing you to get around easily on wet surfaces.

Water Shoes are best for the beach because they protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects on the ground. They also allow you to relax in any body of water without worrying about stepping on something that will cut through your skin!

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes are yet another type of shoes you should wear to the beach. Boat Shoes are made from canvas fabric and have thick rubber soles – they also come in many colors, shapes and sizes!

What makes Boat Shoes so great is their lightweight construction. They won’t weigh your feet down when walking on sand or gravel, while still protecting them from sharp objects at the same time!

Boat Shoes are perfect because they’re easy to slip on before jumping into any body of water that’s nearby for a quick cool-off session during the summer heat!

Beach Sneakers

Beach Sneakers are another option for the beach. They are sneakers that come in many colors and styles, such as slip-on leather high tops or trendy low-cut canvas shoes.

What makes Beach Sneakers so great is their ability to protect your feet from sharp objects while still allowing you to get around easily on wet surfaces!

Beach Sneakers are perfect because they’re easy to slip off when it’s time to head back home after a day at the shore – just be sure not to wear them out into town later on!

Factors to consider when buying beach shoes

When buying shoes for the beach you need to consider the following factors:

  • Price: what is your budget? Go for a shoe that is within your budget.
  • Size: what size are you? Go for a shoe that fits perfectly. Make sure that when trying on shoes at home, it will fit comfortably and securely enough for walking around in sand;
  • Quality: is the quality good enough for you? Make sure that the shoe can last long.
  • Style: what style do you like? Go for a stylish type of shoes if it suits your tastes and preferences.
  • Weather conditions: are they fit to be worn in hot weather or cold climates? Consider this factor too when buying shoes for beach use.
  • Comfortability: how comfy are these kinds of shoes with regards to walking on sand, rocks, and other surfaces along the beach? Try them out before purchasing them so as not to regret them later on after making payment already!
  • Material taste: do the shoes match your style of clothing. What colors do they come in? etc Some materials are better than others when it comes to being comfortable when standing/walking for long periods in the warm sand.
  • Lightweight: if you plan on carrying your shoes for long distances then lighter weight styles will be easier to carry.
  • Durability: it is important that your shoes are made to last. You don’t want to be buying new shoes every year, or find that they have fallen apart after a few months of use!
  • Sole: some soles are more durable than others. If you plan on spending most of your time standing still then the tougher the sole, the better!
  • Colour: lighter colours may show up sand or water stains quickly so darker hues might be best if this is a concern for you;
  • Cost of upkeep: it may be difficult and expensive to try and get stains out. Make sure you know what kind of expenses will come during the lifetime with your shoes before buying them!
  • Waterproofing/water-resistant properties: if there’s even a small chance of getting caught in some rain or standing at the water’s edge then waterproofed styles are best;

Best Beach shoe Reviews

Teva Women’s W Voya Flip Flop

The Teva Women’s W Voya Flip Flop is a practical flip flop sandal suitable for the beach, water and outdoor activities.

They’re made with a neoprene lining to ensure your feet stay comfortable all day long. The footbed is thick enough to provide support while still remaining flexible so it molds well around the shape of your foot. This makes them very comfortable when walking or standing in warm sand all day long!

These shoes are available in multiple colors so you can choose one that matches most of your outfits – we love how stylish they look on women who wear dresses!

adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide

The adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide is a great kind of shoe you wear on the beach. It’s relatively cheap and everyone needs a good pair of sandals when going to the beach!

The sandals are 100% synthetic with a rubber sole making it both durable and comfortable.

In addition to being comfortable on your feet, they have some great colors that will look good with almost any swimsuit or trunks you choose to wear!

They also come in a lot of sizes which makes them perfect for everyone no matter how big their feet happen to be.

VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes

The VIFUUR Water Sports Shoes are great for the beach, pool, kayaking and other water sports.

They are made of high-quality synthetic material and a rubber sole that provides protection from rocks or sand under your feet while still keeping you cool on hot days.

Sperry Men’s Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

The Sperry Men’s Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe is the kind of shoe you wear on the beach.

The synthetic sole and leather details provide durability against sand, rocks, and salty water. A non-marking outsole ensures that your shoes will not leave any marks on wet surfaces or sticky sand.

The Sperry Men’s Authentic Original Boat Shoe is versatile enough to be worn with a pair of shorts as well as khakis for an informal outing at the office or around town. They are incredibly lightweight which means they’ll never slow you down when walking across hot sand during those long summer days by the ocean!

SAGUARO Mens Womens Kids Lightweight Breathable Slip-On Sneaker

The SAGUARO Mens Womens Kids Lightweight Breathable Slip-On Sneaker can be used on the beach, in water, and pretty much everywhere you go!

What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear on the Beach?

The lightweight breathable slip-on sneaker is perfect for any kind of outdoor activity. This casual slip-on sneaker looks great with anything from shorts to jeans or a nice pair of sweat pants.


The beach is a fun and relaxing place to spend the day. The sand, saltwater, and sun can be quite damaging on your feet so it’s important you wear shoes that protect them while still being comfortable enough for all-day use.

Be sure to wear the right kind of shoes when you go on a beach vacation. You don’t want to spend your time there with sore, blistered feet and rubbing sand into them. If you’re not prepared for this type of situation by wearing proper footwear, then it’s best that you pack some tennis shoes or flip-flops in case they become necessary.