Survival School

Located in Southern California, OSR’s (Outdoor Self-Reliance) Wilderness Survival and Bushcraft Training is dedicated to providing you with quality outdoor education, helping you be better prepared to handle unforeseen emergencies, while traveling in the outdoors.

With over 20 years teaching experience, our courses are designed to help stimulate the student to retain more information, while at the same time help develop critical thinking skills and confidence.

Our courses range anywhere from 2 hours workshops to multiple day trips, to help better accommodate your schedule, or learning needs.

Knots and Knives Workshop

“A dull knife is a dangerous knife”

Have you ever attempted to sharpen your knives, but ended up putting a duller edge on the blade? Have you ever wanted to learn how to put a hair poppn’ edge on your knives? If so, this work shop is for you.

After we are done sharpening our knives you will learn how to safely and keenly use your knife for woodsman activities, through a practical use exercise.

From there we move on to useful camp knots used for lashing, cinching, securing, tensioning, jamming and more.

These knots are more than just your average everyday granny or overhand knot. Some of the knots you’ll learn are used to provide proper tension on ridgelines and guy lines without additional pieces of gear. Other knots you’ll learn are sliding locking knots that are extremely helpful in getting your tarps pulled tight. You’ll also learn how to use them under which application


Bring your knives
Bring appropriate clothing
Bring something to drink (water, gatorade, etc.)
If you have sharpening tools bring them as well


Plant Uses

We’ll explore this abundant, full of life area and you’ll be able to sample some of the wild foods as well as learn how to use them for tools and medicine, just like the Native Americans.

You will learn how and which plants are used to:

• Make cordage
• Make soap
• Provide relief from poison oak
• Make a meal
• Make Fire
• Treat arthritis
• Treat respiratory issues
• Treat sore throats
• Treat stomach aches
• Relieve Pain

And a whole lot more!

You’ll be surprised at the uses many of the plants and trees you come in contact with on a daily basis have.

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Survival Trapping

This class focuses on the construction, application, and placement of traps, both modern and primitive. You will be taught how to build the classic figure 4 dead-fall, found in all survival manuals, along with other expedient traps. Then, we will go out and set these traps in the appropriate locations.

The skills you will learn here will go a long way with helping you sustain yourself in a survival situation

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Fire is a basic tenet of survival. We rely on fire to Keep us warm, purify water, cook our food, and provide us psychological comfort. It is also used to help make tools.

This workshop will cover various methods of starting a fire without matches or a lighter: batteries, chemical reactions, ferrocerium fire starters, parabolic reflectors, magnifiers, bow and drill, hand drill**, Other commercial emergency fire starting devices

Knowing how to start a fire is only part of the equation. Making a sustainable fire is the other. We will not only cover common tinders, from natural to man made, but also how to process larger pieces of wood in order to make fuel that will catch a spark.

We will go for a short hike to gather suitable natural tinders, So please wear appropriate shoes and clothing. We will traverse wild areas with many cacti

. It is also the most elusive to learn. There are many factors that come into play, proper wood selection, combinations, notch, and technique. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, this class will certainly develop your skill and confidence by working on the nuances that the hand-drill presents. As the record holder with the hand-drill (2 seconds), I’ve developed a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t work, along with other nuances that will help encourage success.

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