How to Dry Your Boots in the Dryer

This past week, I spent five glorious days in the desert, of which three days it rained. Suffice to say, the entire group had cold wet feet, and there was not dry footwear to be found amongst them. Try as they may, they were cold, wet, and tired and their wet footwear made matters even … Read more

Does The Campfire Reflector Wall Work? NO… Here’s Why

The campfire reflector wall is somewhat the mark of the experienced outdoorsman. But do they actually work they way they are purported, to redirect heat at the back of the fire to someone on the opposite side of the fire all snug in their lean-to? The short answer is NO! It doesn’t, however, stop others … Read more


Next time you’re out camping and you cut yourself you might consider grabbing the sugar and pour it on the wound… Seriously! the use of sugar and honey on open wounds is deeply rooted into our history. Research shows, or at least suggest that sugar and honey were used to treat the wounds of combatants … Read more

100 Year Old Canned Food… SAFE TO EAT!

Some years ago, while rummaging through my uncles garage, I came across an old stock pile of items issued to him during the Vietnam War. Among those items, were several cans of C-Rations. At the time, I was fascinated to find these cans painted in OD Green. I felt like I had hit a gold mine. While they had … Read more