I got a new pack, the Osprey Exos 38.

Well, I done did it. I gotta a new pack.

As much as I value my own path, I’m always open to ideas and tools which make sense and help me become more efficient.

After repeatedly reading about the Osprey Exos series of packs and how comfortable they are, my impulse could no longer be contained. I ordered the 2017 model Exos 38. I’ve read the 2018 model got rid of some features which people liked, so decided to go with a previous version. Plus the 2017 comes in my favorite color combo, black and green.

After not using a hip belt for many years, it did feel a bit foreign using one, but not in a bad way. The weight transfer to the hips and ease of pressure on the shoulders was immediately noticeable. With the Burn, I found, for me, the upper comfortable carry limit is 15lbs and that’s pushing it. With the Exos, I’m carrying 20lbs comfortably. And that is important for those long water carries through the desert.

Both the Burn and Exos 38 are billed as 38 liter packs, but did notice the Exos seems to have a bit more left over room than my Burn; however, the burn does have a massive collar that can be extended, but The Exos 38 is wider than my MLD Burn. Regardless, I don’t have enough gear to fill either pack so the point is moot.

One of the biggest BENEFITS I noticed with the Exos vs the Burn was the forward leaning water pouches of the Exos. Ugghh how may times have I been frustrated by the Burn in which I needed to loosen straps and half way doff the pack to access the water bottles in the side pockets. Quite frankly, I hate that about the MLD Burn.

The Exos uses a four way stretch mesh on the front pocket which consequently allows it to stretch out much bigger than that of the Burns 2 way stretch mesh pocket.

The Exos also has that trampoline style back which will give it ventilation.

Even though my baseweight now is only 8.5lbs, it still killed me to add an extra pound to my rig, but I’ll reduce the baseweight in other areas. — I’m already eyeing a cuben fiber tarp to replace my sil-nylon tarp.