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How to make an Evergreen Bough Bed

You can take a lot of care of a winter wildlife emergency because it can make you worry a lot. Luckily, making a bed off the frozen surface is one of the easiest solutions – if you know how to make a bough bed.

In this guide, I will show you how to make an evergreen bough bed, so that you could sit comfortably in the night and keep yourself warm, away from the field.


What is an Evergreen Bough Bed ?

An evergreen bough bed is necessary to lift your body off the ground to ensure that your body heat stays with you during cold weather conditions.

Surviving in the winter is really tough and to make it easy for people, they need to learn how to make an evergreen bough bed. This DIY-bed works well, but don’t forget to pack a self-inflatable mattress as that from the best survival package list for additional comfort and protection.

In the days of fur traders in the North of America and Canada, the bough bed became famous. The bough bed consists of a frame with a mattress of rags, arms and saplings.

What do you need to make an evergreen bough bed ?

  • Various types of needle-type branches and boughs
  • 4 logs longer than your height
  • 4 logs roughly 3 feet long
  • Rope or a string
  • Saplings to span the length of the frame

Process of making an evergreen bough bed

Step 1 – Begin by collecting approximately three arm loads of braces and branches. This all depends, as long and soft needles are available in your country. Any other squared needles may operate but bear in mind that sharp, square spruce needles can be painful. Don’t forget to pick pine cones even when you want to sleep with rocks!

Step 2 – Start constructing the picture by collecting 4 logs approximately 3 metres long and rolling over 4 logs parallel to each other (longer than you are). Stay these logs as if you were constructing a small log cabin as you can see in the picture. But the higher the ground the more you will do with one sheet. To lock the corners, use a jam knot.

Step 3 – Use your bed with 2-3 powerful legs as crossbeams (1-2′′ thick). Don’t lock them, so you can change later. Try to help your lower back and one behind your knees.

Step 4 – So now, for the bed, we have the frame. Try to find saplings about 1/2′′ large to lay across your crossbeams horizontally. Springy and flexible are the best.

Step 5 – After the “box spring” has come, it is time for the “mattress.” Take the boughs you have collected earlier and place on your frame. Use a criss cross or herringbone pattern to ensure your bed’s warmth and comfort are coated evenly. If you can find them, dry leaves may be a nice addition. Make your mattress as thick as possible. If the mattress compresses too much or is not warm enough, keep adding loads of arms of boughs.

Here is a video guide for you to learn to make a bough bed !

I hope you got to learn how to make an evergreen bough bed. What do you think about this guide ? Let me know ! Thank you for reading.