How to Fix a Broken Zipper

We all have gear that use zippers—pants, packs, jackets, etc. At some point, and usually when you least want it to, the zipper will break. At best the zipper slides. At worst, it is jammed leaving you unable to access your gear.

Before you decide to throw out the gear, while kicking and swearing, check out this article on how to repair those zippers.

We all have a jacket with a zipper that just doesn’t cooperate. So we yank on it, impatiently, and then what happens? The slider gets all out of whack, and the zipper just stops zipping.

You could send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement, but that will cost you: about $10 in shipping, perhaps a repair fee from the company, and most importantly, you’ll be without your jacket for god knows how long.

A better solution? Fix it yourself. Separating zippers—like those found on all jackets—are a cinch to fix. There are two types of separating zippers:

You can find replacement sliders at any sewing or craft store, even big boxes like Wal-Mart or Target. This kit, available online and some big boxes, is my fave because it includes a bunch of common slider sizes, plus some top and bottom stops, which are key, as you’ll see below.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper

What you need:
-a replacement slider
-a replacement top stop
-wire cutters
-needlenose pliers

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