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How much does a Dirt Bike Weigh?

Different dirt bike models have different weights. And different riders have different preferences when it comes to dirt bike weight.

Some riders may prefer lighter bikes because they feel more agile or maneuverable than heavier ones. Other riders might want to go with a heavy bike so they can handle rougher terrain easier.

In this article, we will talk about different types of dirt bikes and their weights. If you are looking to buy a dirt bike for yourself or someone else, this article will help you make your decision!

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How much does a dirt bike weigh?

There are many factors that come into play when determining the weight of your dirtbike! The weight of the dirt bike will depend on how powerful the engine is, what type of suspension it has, and any other modifications that have been made to it.

The average weight of different dirt bikes

Take a quick peek at the average weight of a dirt bike table below.

NB: The table below shows the curb weight of the dirt bikes. (Curb weight/kerb weight/wet weight is the weight of the bike without the rider or any luggage). Curb weight includes fuel and fluids.

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Dirt BikeEngineWeight (Kg)Weight (Lb)
Honda XR650L644cc157 kg346 lb
Suzuki DR-Z400S398cc144 kg317 lbs
Yamaha WR250R250cc134 kg295 lbs
Yamaha WR250F250cc115 kg254 lbs
Yamaha YZ250FX250cc111 kg245 lbs
Honda CRF230F223cc113 kg249 lbs
Suzuki RM-Z450449cc112 kg247 lbs
Yamaha YZ250F250cc111 kg245 lbs
Kawasaki KX250F249cc104.7 kg230.8 lbs
Honda CRF450449cc110.7 kg244 lbs
Suzuki RM-Z250249cc106 kg233 lbs
Honda CRF250X249cc108 kg238 lbs
Kawasaki KX500499cc100 kg220.4 lbs
Kawasaki KLX140144cc93 kg205 lbs
Honda CRF125F124.9cc88 kg194 lbs
Kawasaki KLX110112cc76 kg167.5 lbs
Kawasaki KX8584cc75 kg165.3 lbs
Yamaha TT-R110E110cc72 kg159 lbs
Yamaha TTR-5049cc58 kg128 lbs
Suzuki DR-Z7049cc54 kg119 lb
Honda CRF5049cc50 kg110 lb
Yamaha PW5049cc41 kg90 lb

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How much does a 450 dirt bike weigh?

450cc dirt bikes are very popular choices for beginner riders. They have a powerful engine, but the weight is still manageable enough to allow newbies to handle them easily! 450cc dirt bikes can weigh anywhere between 200 lb – 250 lb depending on how big of an engine it has and if there are any modifications made to it.

How much does a 250 dirt bike weigh

250cc dirt bikes are a good choice for beginners. They have a lightweight and enough power to let riders compete in races! 250cc dirt bikes can weigh anywhere between 100lbs – 150lbs depending on any modifications made to it.

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How much does a Dirt Bike Weigh?

How much does a 125 dirt bike weigh?

125cc dirt bikes (also known as mini or youth models) are great options for younger children who want to get started with racing without paying too much money. These small engines make them lightweight, but they still pack enough punch so kids can race other opponents successfully! 125cc dirt-bikes often weigh around 80 lbs or less which is perfect for smaller kids that might not be able

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Parting Shot

In the past few years, the dirt bike world has been seeing a new trend arise in the form of extremely lightweight electric dirt bikes. While the idea of an electric dirt bike may seem a bit more futuristic than a standard style, a lot of riders out there are tired of the weight restrictions of their regular dirt bikes, and are ready to embrace a new, lighter, and more powerful way of riding.