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Honda Trail 70 Review (Features, Pros, Cons 2022)

The Honda Trail 70 is one of the most illustrious gems made by Honda. This classic mini bike was introduced in 1969 to succeed the Honda Z50 both in features and fame. The CT70 is the best choice for those who believe that riding a supermoto is the only way to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re looking for an off-road motorcycle that can withstand off-road and on-road terrain, you may want to look into the Honda Trail CT70.

About the Honda Trail 70

The Honda Trail 770 (CT70) is a 72-cc trail bike manufactured from 1969 to 1994. It was produced to succeed the famous Z50 Money Bike. This is Honda’s second most popular bike, next to the CB750. It is well-known for its chrome fenders, retro styling, and top-notch functionality.

However, these qualities don’t describe the note-worthy characteristics of this bike enough. So, whether you’re a Honda enthusiast or have developed a liking for vintage wheelers, this guide is for you.

This 72-cc minibike is appreciated by the riding community and, particularly, by avid collectors worldwide. Like the Z50, it had an animal moniker; it was known as the Dax because of its long, distinct T-bone frame.

The two-wheeler was produced between 1969 and 1982 and went through an 8-year hiatus; they then came back from 1991 to 1994. The Dax was initially introduced in Canada in 1969 as the Honda ST70. The bike gained fame and retained its moniker but was marketed in the US as Honda CT70. Unfortunately, its production was halted by EPA compliance costs and inflation.

Improvement of the Honda Trail 70

The Trail 70 underwent seven addendums during its production years. Here are some developments that were done to the classic bike:

  • 1970 witnessed the introduction of a four-speed manual clutch HKO version with a separate speedometer and headlight.
  • Changes to the speedometer, ignition switch, and other parts of Trail 70 continued until 1982.
  • Honda complied with the emission guidelines for 1991-1994 models by including an air recovery gadget.
  • The electrical components were changed from 6V to 12V, offering decent lighting, a helmet holder, and a locking fork.

Although Honda had good intentions to make these adjustments, some riders found some of the improvements nonsensical.

Honda Trail 70 Specs & Features


The Honda Trail 70 is powered by a single-cylinder engine configuration and a competent air cooler comparable to the Honda ATC70. The difference is their carb size; the ATC70 had a 17-mm carb while the Trail 70 had 16 mm but upgraded to 20 carb size for the later models.

If you’re looking for more power, go for a CT20 Honda 100 cc upgrade by choosing a big-bore carb rebuild kit.


The Trail 70 comes with a flywheel magneto ignition and an AC generator charging system. It needs an NGK C7HS spark plug and a 12V 3/4Ah battery. NGK C7HS plugs have more than 19 replacements, while the NGK C6HS plugs in the 1969 models have three: Bosch U5AC, Bosch 0241045001, Bosch U6AC.


The original rubber tires on Trail 70 are rare. This bike uses the 4×10 (2PR) Bridgestone Trailwings front tire and 4×10 (2PR) Bridgestone Trailwings rear tires.


Most 70 cc Honda mini trail bikes come with conventional tow-disc wet clutch assemblies, except the CT70H and the K1 to K3 versions. Interestingly, the ’72 CT70K1 trims come with a different 1st gear but have the same 2nd and 3rd gear ratios as the 1973-1974 models. The CT70H version is equipped with similar 1st to 4th gears as the CT70K2/K3 trims.


Initially, the Trail 70 was equipped with a telescopic fork as front suspension. The 1971 CT70 70 bikes and CT70 models changed to Earles fork. This leading link fork suspension gave the bike sufficient power to effortlessly climb over obstacles and bumps.

Weight capacity

The Honda Trail 70 has a curb weight of 136.7 lbs/ 62kg, which makes it ideal for loading on the back of your truck. It also has a load capacity limit of 220 lbs.

Top speed

Honda Trail 70 Review

The Honda Trail 70 has a top speed of 77 mph/124km/h, but this depends on the bike’s condition and the modifications done on the bike.


The price range for a secondhand CT70 is between $1,000 and $10,000. However, most pre-owned Honda Trail 70s are priced between $1,600 and $2,500. Any bike valued above $3,000 is either in perfect condition or has been restored.


How fast does a Honda Trail 70 go?

The Honda trail 70 can go as fast as 75 km/h, but some riders claim it can go even higher depending on the modifications.

How much does a Honda 70 weigh?

The Honda 70 has a curb weight of 136.7 lbs and a load capacity limit of 220lbs.


Although the Honda Trail 70 minibike may seem outdated, it has a small but loyal following. This minibike is a great choice for those who love good times and off-roading bliss.