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Honda Foreman 450 Review

There are several ATVs available in the market today. However, only a few have surpassed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts with their excellent specifications and features.

Honda Foreman 450 is one of the most reliable models from the Honda Company. This model is available in two types: Honda Foreman 450 ES (electric-shift) and Honda Foreman 450 S (manual-shift).

Owing to its high performance and versatility, there is no doubt that many ATV enthusiasts love this four-wheeler. But does Honda Foreman 450 deserve all these praises? Here’s what you need to know about the Honda Foreman 450.

About the Honda Foreman 450

The Honda Foreman 450 is a high-performance ATV that hit the market in 1998 until 2004, when its production was stopped. Being one of Honda’s leading and most powerful ATVs, it was available in two versions: electric-shift Honda Foreman 450 ES and manual-shift Honda Foreman 450 S.

With the market favoring automatic transmissions, the Foreman 450 ES was named the ATV of the year by ATV Magazine. The Honda Foreman 450 is one of the most reliable utility ATVs. Since it’s dependable and uncompromising, it continues to be a favorite choice for recreational trail riders, farmers, and price-point shoppers.

This ATV is known for its minimal maintenance, efficient fuel delivery, and superior ergonomics. This multi-purpose machine performs several jobs more efficiently, from golf courses to banana plantations and pig farms. It performs well in sandhills, rough roads, muddy fields, wooded trails, and water crossings.

Honda Foreman 450Specs & Features


The Honda Foreman 450 is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder OHV engine. The engine is mounted longitudinally, which helps reduce the overall weight. The engine bore is around 90 millimeters, and the stroke is approximately 68 millimeters. The engine has a Keihin carburetor that delivers a displacement of 433 cubic centimeters and a compression ratio of 8:5:1. As for the fuel tank capacity, it stands at around 3.2 gallons or 12.1 liters.


For the ignition, the Foreman 450 has a Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI). Additionally, it has an electric/pull starter system. This ATV also comes with a five-speed transmission and has reverse gear.


The Foreman 450 is equipped with Dunlop 25 x 8-12 front tires and Dunlop 25x 10-12 tires. Its wheelbase is about 50.2 inches.


This ATV has a five-speed transmission, including a reverse gear, and comes with the Electronic Shift Program (ESP) that makes the Foreman 450 fun to ride. There are two handlebar-mounted buttons that help riders shift the push-button with ease.


As for the brakes, this ATV has dual-sealed hydraulic drum front brakes and single-sealed mechanical rear drums.


The Foreman 450 has an independent double-wishbone front suspension with vertical upper and lower control arms that boost negative. As a result, it permits 5.9-inch travel and offers more stability and consistent wheel alignment.

The rear suspension uses a swing arm and has a steel finish with two shock absorbers that allow 5.9-inch travel, making it perfect for hauling or hard work.


The ATV has two lights mounted on the front fenders and a 45 watts handlebar light. All the lights use multi-reflector lenses for maximum light distribution.

Weight capacity

The Foreman 450 has a dry weight of 595 lbs, GVWR can weigh up to 1,102 lbs, a combination of passengers, curb weight, and cargo.

Top speed

Based on riders and ATV forums, the Foreman 450s can run between 40 to 45 mph on asphalt. The downhill speed can go up to 55 mph. However, the maximum speed depends on several things like dirt, flat road, pavement, or wind. Reducing the pipe’s length and installing a jet kit can increase the speed by around four mph.


The initial price of the 2004 Foreman 450 was $5,999. Today, the price ranges from $1,250 to $6,000, depending on whether the ATV is modified or stock. 2000 or earlier models should not cost more than $2,000 unless the quad is in mint condition with little or no damage.

Known Issues

Honda Foreman 450 Review

Although the Foreman 450 requires minimal maintenance and repairs when taken care of well, secondhand purchases can be quite troublesome. For instance, veteran riders recommend replacing all bearings and seals to ensure water doesn’t fill the axle tube. Otherwise, it will rust the splines off the rear axle.

Rear brakes may also seize up when exposed to a lot of mud use and water. So if these aren’t functioning well, you need to clean or replace the brakes entirely.


What kind of oil does a Honda Foreman 450 take?

You can use the three quarts of Honda Pro GN4 10W-40 four-stroke motorcycle oil.

How Much Weight can a Honda Foreman 450 Pull?

The Foreman can handle a weight of up to 850 lbs and has a rack capacity of 66 lbs in the front and 133 lbs in the rear.


The Honda Foreman 450 is one of the best Honda’s four-wheelers in the sports scene. If the ATV is in mint condition, it has a good resale value and can cost more than higher cc ATVs. If you want an ATV ideal for fieldwork and off-road fun, the Honda Foreman 450 is a great choice.