Entre Lobos (Among Wolves) Movie


Shot in Spanish, Entre Lobos (Among Wolves) tells the remarkable story of a poor country boy named Marcos, who at the age of 7 is handed over to his father’s employer, a rich landowner, who in turn delivers him to a life of labor with a hermetic shepherd in an isolated valley in Sierra Moreno, Spain. The old man, who lives in a cave, is unused to human company and at first seems not very interested in having a live-in apprentice. The boy, is frightened and equally aloof, initially. Despite this, the shepherd begins teaching Marcos how to herd the goats, as well as how to care for himself and how to survive in the wilderness by trapping and fishing.

The two develop an affection for each other, and the boy befriends the shepherds animal companions: a ferret, a civet, and an owl. Unfortunately, the shepherd soon becomes ill and dies, leaving Marcos to fend for himself. For the next twelve years he has virtually no contact with human beings, but does make additional animal friends – the wolves of a nearby den.

This film is based on the incredible experiences of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, who lived alone in the Sierra Morena mountains from 1953 to 1965, when he was captured by members of Spain’s Guardia Civil and returned to civilization at 19 years of age.

Entre Lobos Among Wolves Movie

If you’re really a die hard survival or bushcraft fan, you’re going to want to watch this movie. You will see a lot of common survival type skills— Snares,  feretting, wild plants, bird traps, dead falls… And my personal favorite, how he used stripped bark from some branches as cordage, in order to fashion a splint… Not bad for a 7 year old who carries no 550.

While the movie is entirely in Spanish, fortunately for non Spanish speaking folks, about a half hour in it is primarily action driven with very little dialogue.

The movie itself is shot very nicely, with some beautiful photography. Quite honestly, I was surprised by this. It was more reminiscent of an American shot film, than something you typically in Spanish.

Here it is, in its entirety, for your viewing pleasure TRT 1:48