How to Dry Your Boots in the Dryer

This past week, I spent five glorious days in the desert, of which three days it rained. Suffice to say, the entire group had cold wet feet, and there was not dry footwear to be found amongst them. Try as they may, they were cold, wet, and tired and their wet footwear made matters even more miserable. On the final day (Friday) I shared a small tip with them on how to dry their footwear when they had a chance.

As a longtime woodsman, I’ve learned I will inevitably get my feet/shoes wet, no matter how careful I try to be. Sure, I can wear waterproof boots that will keep my feet dry, but what of my Bates that are so well broken in their soul is connected to mine?

For years, well over 25, I’ve used the dryer to dry my boots. Most folks will simply throw their shoes in and turn on the dryer, but the inevitable banging and clanking of the footwear being thrown about is enough to drive the insects from the house. There is, however, a little secret to drying your boots in the dryer without a clank or a rattle… Hang them from the door on the inside.

Stick your shoes in the dryer and close the door, but leave the laces hanging out. Pull on the laces to lift the shoes off the door sill and tie a knot on the laces at that point, as a stop… That’s it!!! Now turn on the dryer. The dryer will spin and turn, but the boots will effortlessly remain in place, without contacting any of the spinning parts of the dryer, leaving for a noise free drying process.

I also use this technique with hats, by using some sort of line attached to the hat by a binder clip (see image). Doing this to my hats prevents them from getting mangled. If your shoes don’t have laces use binder clips at the heels and hang them from the binder clips. Be forewarned, however, the binder clips will be hot to the touch, once removed from the dryer, so be careful.

Hope you enjoyed this little life hack and you find it useful.