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DIY Color Burning Pinecones

You’ve probably seen these pinecones in stores around Christmas time, you get various pretty color effects when they are thrown on the fire. The problem is they are usually pretty expensive, BUT, they are actually really easy to make yourself and here’s how!

Get out and gather some pinecones, when you have enough put them on a tray and bake them in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour or so (this will dry them out, open them up and kill any bugs). Be sure to keep a careful eye on them though and don’t leave them too long or they may burn.

To get the various colors you need some everyday chemicals:

DIY Color Burning Pinecones
  • Yellow/Green effect – Borax
  • Yellow effect – Table Salt
  • White effect – Epsom Salts
  • Green effect – Boric Acid
  • Red effect – Strontium Chloride ( aquarium supplies)

Put around half a gallon of really hot water into a bucket, then add 1 cup of the colorant of your choice (don’t mix them chemicals, you have to do one color at a time) and mix until it dissolves. Add the pinecones to the mix, give them a good stir around and leave them overnight (be sure that the mixture covers all the pinecones).

The next day scoop out the pine cones and place them on some newspaper to completely dry out. This should take 2-3 days depending on how warm it is. That’s it, your color-changing pinecones are now ready!

Precaution: Whilst you can make several batches of different color pinecones do not to put different batches/colors on the fire at the same time. Also don’t use these pinecones on a campfire of barbecue where you are cooking food.

If all this is too complicated and you’d just like to buy some of these color-changing fireplace pinecones ready-made, you can get them here from Amazon.