Dead River Rough Cut

Most fans of woodcraft/bushcraft are familiar with the popular “Alone in the Wilderness”, the cabin building adventures of Dick Proenneke. Following that genre, however, is another more obscure film, “Dead River Rough Cut”.

Dead River Rough Cut follows to longtime woodsmen friends—Bob Wagg and Walter Lane— as they carve out a living in the wilds of Maine, hunting, trapping, fishing, and logging with oxen.

Though some of the language can be a bit rough for some viewers,  students of woodcraft/bushcraft, should watch this video. It really explores the solo life of a backcountry woodsman.

One of interesting things, for me, about this movie is their beaver trapping and how they built their sets, dug through the snow and ice, and set the traps. It was also interesting to see how these woodsmen used oxen in the snow to haul and transfer their lumber.

From the website

Dead River Rough Cut

Bob Wagg and Walter Lane live in a tarpaper shack, hunting, fishing, trapping and logging with oxen. They prefer the sounds of the birds to the roar of highway traffic, and scorn the money-chasing of city life. Covering a period of four seasons in the remote backwoods of Maine, Dead River Rough Cut presents a revealing look at an individual way of life. Wagg  and Lane earn a living and accept their isolation for the independence it allows them. But not everyone would want to draw water from a hole in the ice. They share their reflections about women, politics, taxes, the lone life and death.

Though I didn’t buy the DVD, their is a downloadable option for $4.99, as of this writing, which is what I did. Be careful if you do this, as the email containing the link can and may likely end up in your junk folder, like it did me.

All in all, the film was enjoyable and well worth the money for this backcountry woodsman.

Here is a quick clip from the film

And here is the link to where you can purchase this film