What are the Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for the Family?

The 5 Best Inflatable Pools for Family

What are the best inflatable pools for family? This is a common question among most homeowners. In this post, I’ll take you by the hand and help you get the best inflatable swimming pool without breaking the bank… Why Buy Best Inflatable Pools for Family? An inflatable pool is an above-ground pool. But unlike above-ground … Read more

What is the Most Powerful Break Barrel Air Rifle?

Most Powerful Break Barrel Air Rifle 2020 - Best Air Rifle Reviews

What is the most powerful break barrel air rifle? Shooting sports and hunting are always fun when you’ve got the right tool in play. Power and accuracy are the main ingredients for a fun and happy day out in the field. If you’re participating in a hunting competition this weekend, you need to equip yourself … Read more

Food Used by Travelers of the Oregon Trail

Food Used by Travelers of the Oregon Trail

No doubt about , traveling back in the 1800s and before was not only difficult, but careful consideration had to be given to the provisions carried. There were no gas stations, fast food restaurants, or quick marts, so failure to properly prepare could turn into a survival situation. Here is an interesting article  from the St. … Read more

Decoding California Trapping Law

Though California has major restrictions for many things, trapping being one of them, it is still possible to pursue it here, legally. In fact, trapping licenses can be gotten after taking a test and paying a fee to the DFG. The big thing for any budding trapper, here in California, is decoding the laws. I’ve … Read more

4s Approach to Clothing for Hiking and Backpacking

4s Approach to Clothing for Hiking and Backpacking

Clothing and Layering systems for outdoor adventures have been discussed ad nauseum. Rightly so, it is a first defense essential against heat and cold exposure. No matter how many times it is discussed, it still seems to confuse people. Your clothing’s primary function is to keep you warm, dry, and offer protection from the sun. Their secondary … Read more

Buffalo Gourd

Buffalo Gourd, Stink Gourd, Coyote Gourd, Calabazilla, Chilicote, Fetid gourd, Fetid wild pumpkin, Missouri gourd, Prairie gourd, Wild gourd, Wild Pumpkin, Cucurbita foetidissima, what ever you want to call it, one thing is for sure you’ll know what it is by smell alone. Though it has a foul smelling odor, like body odor, i.e. arm pits, … Read more

The 10 Essentials Revised and Improved

Developed in the 1930s, by Seattle based Mountaineers club, “The 10 Essentials” were items listed as needed to respond positively to backcountry emergencies and accidents. Over time, the list morphed from an item approach to a systems approach, an improvement, but still fundamentally lacking in some regards. With some critical thinking and a couple of … Read more

What is in My Kit?

I recently received a request to participate in a Q&A for a rather popular prepper and survival website. I was to be one among a few other notable people in the survival and prepper community, each answering the same questions. The answers would all be gathered and posted at a later time on the site. … Read more

60 Mile Backpacking Trip Gear Rundown

As some of you are aware, this past weekend I completed a 60 mile backpacking trip along the PCT Section C. Originally, this trip was supposed to have started in Big Bear, adding 30 miles, but due to some unforeseen scheduling issues, the trip had to be trimmed a little. It was better to do … Read more

People Tend to Pack Their Fears and Other People’s Fears Too

People Tend Pack Fears

It happens every year. Thousands attempt to thru-hike the PCT, AT, or CDT. All have good intention of completing. By mile 20, and often sooner, many, if not most, are smacked right between the eyes with the big question of how in the world are they going to be able to complete such a monumental … Read more