Halter Hitch vs. Siberian Hitch Knots

Halter Hitch vs. Siberian Hitch

Several years ago, Ray Mears was credited with introducing the Siberian hitch to the woodcraft/bushcraft community. Since that time, the Siberian (Evenk) Hitch seems to have taken the community by storm, rightly so when one considers its ease of use… even while wearing winter gloves, however, not as popularized by Ray Mears. More on that … Read more

Flip Flop Winch

Flip Flop Winch

Though Mors Kochanski popularized the use of the flip flop winch, it appears it was used during World War II, by the British Army to help them get their vehicles out of the trenches. Using nothing more than rope and two four inch thick logs, the Flip Flop Winch really is an ingenious machine, giving … Read more

Box Trap – How to Construct a Box and Stick Trap

Box Trap

In his book, “Survival Skills of Native California’”, Paul Campbell wrote and showed images of a live box trap used by Yaqui and Kumeyaay indians. The Mohave and Maricopa also used this trap. Paul writes— Benito Aldama Jat’am, Kumeyaay, of la Huerta, remembers his uncle, Antonio Vaquero Aldama, telling him that sometimes so many quail … Read more

Preserving Meat Without Refrigeration

Meat Preservation Without Refrigeration

The ability to preserve meat, without refrigeration, has long been a thorn to many outdoor enthusiasts, often leading to overweight and cumbersome coolers. Yes, one could simply use biltong or jerky, but there are other alternatives and this article will illustrate some of those methods Various methods can be used to preserve or to cure … Read more