Biased Assimilation and Your Survival

Ah, yes, Biased Assimilation. That polarization which occurs when your beliefs become your religion and any new contradicting evidence is ignored, or twisted in a way which supports your beliefs.

This election cycle, actually all election cycles, proved biased assimilation is alive and well. Biased assimilation is that cerebral disorder which prevents us from being objective. If we have a firm belief in one party over the other, because of biased assimilation, we tend to follow news and events which favor that party, and dismiss news and organizations which may contradict our views, regardless if they are correct. Of course, this biased assimilation is not only reserved for politics. Every segment of society, including bushcraft and survival, suffers from it. Biased Assimilation, is that fault which makes people look like idiots. It is that fault which prevents people from being objective and take in new information

As an example, It is a well known fact people in the survival community hold in high reverence the ferrocerium rod (ferro rod). So convinced are they the ferro rod is the epitome emergency fire starting tool, they are quick to dismiss or make excuses for its shortcomings. Often times, they will attack and dismiss the more common and easier to use every day items in defense of their precious ferro rod. These fervent fans fail to remember, proper technique and tinder is important when using the ferro rod. They can’t understand ninety-eight percent of the population has no idea what the hell a ferro rod is, let alone how to use one. They fail to realize most of society has developed some sort of procedural memory with matches and lighters. Instead, these biased nut jobs try to indoctrinate the everyday person into their religion; using fear tactics, rhetoric, and oftentimes flat out lies. “The lighter doesn’t work in really cold environments.” This is one of the more prevalent lies. Oh really, you idiot? why is it I’ve traveled the world and consistently notice the average person striking up a cigarette, with a lighter, in some of the coldest places? Maybe it was my imagination, when I was in Buffalo NY, a couple of years ago, in the middle of winter, lighting up a cigar with a lighter in near white out conditions. Why does my heavy smoking friend. from Minnesota. use a BIC in the winter to light up a cigarette? Could it be you’re off in your rhetoric, or is there somehow some sort of magical anti-lighter fairy popping up during survival situations? “The lighter doesn’t work at high elevations” is another absurd comment. How bizarre! None of the literature I’ve found, websites I’ve scoured, or people I’ve spoken with who have been on expeditions on Everest ever mentioned a ferro rod. Actually, quite the opposite… lighters or matches are the order of the day. Oh I get it. It’s that anti-lighter, survival situation fairy again.

I know, I know. Some of you will reply to this article, either privately or publicly, admonishing it. Let me save you some grief, by telling you upfront, I will absolutely think you’re an idiot and a puppet; regardless of the books you’ve written, times you’ve been on television, or expertise you feel you have because someone else bequeathed such title on you. You’re no different than someone demanding a recount, without proof, during a presidential election. If a ferro rod was so superior, it would have trickled down to a basic consumer level and replaced lighters and matches. Instead, you’re asking the planet to take an evolutionary step backwards to a time just above flint and steel and right below modern lighters and matches. Then again, I expect nothing less from those of you who have assimilation bias. I hope your other positions are more sound in nature, lest I develop some sort of confirmation bias and think you’re a complete idiot in everything else you do. Okay, that won’t happen. I’m much more logical than that and take everything on a case per case basis.

Do yourselves a favor and check your emotions and assimilation biases at the door.