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Best Thermal Blankets for Camping 2022

Can we talk blankets, shall we? And thermal blankets to be specific! Heated blankets, although breathable, are warm to offer the desired coziness and warmth to combat the cold devoid of making you sweat.

In the summer, you can use them on their own. During winter, they can be handy for layering.

When in the market for a heated blanket, three things should inform your choice. They are – weight, quality of material utilized, and if you can use it all season.

In this primer, we discuss the 5 best thermal blankets and a set of other crucial information to help you make the right choice.

Thermal BlanketFabric SizePrice
Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton BlanketCottonQueenView
Super Soft Premium Thermal BlanketCotton Full-Queen View
Utopia Bedding Premium Cotton BlanketCottonKingView
HILLFAIR 100% Soft Premium BlanketCottonQueenView
Bedsure 100% Cotton Thermal BlanketCottonQueenView

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Types of Heated Blankets

The secret to buying throws or blankets is to first know the uses. What you intend to do with your throws or blanket is very important. There are varieties great in number online. All you must do is choose one according to your preferences.

Knowing the use will easily guide you in finding a perfect blanket or throw. The different types of throws and blankets include the following:

Reversible Throws and Blankets for Winter

Reversible throws and blankets are warmer and heavier compared to single-layered ones. The best feature of this kind of blankets and throws is that they can be used from either side.

You would not have to worry about which side should be up as both sides can be used. Reversible throws and blankets with the sides colored different are more advantageous.

The reason is you can match the color with the décor surrounding you. Reversible throw blankets can also be made from the same material, for example, polyester microfiber.

Rather still, you could find a reversible blanket on which the sides are made of two different types of material. An example could be one side made of polyester while the other made of cotton.

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Single Layered Throws and Blankets

These are lighter compared to the reversible throws and blankets. Usually, they are made of only of material which is mostly polyester microfiber. Microfiber is hypoallergenic, it is knitted closely and is very flexible.

This material is light in weight and soft to the touch. This softness gives a luxurious feel to single-layered blankets and throws.

It is common to find that most of these blankets are made from fleece. Fleece is easy to maintain and durable making it a material of choice. Single layered blankets and throws can be used all year round due to their lightweight and light make.

Printed Throws and Blankets

Throws blankets can be printed to enhance their appearance. Mostly printed blankets and throws are those made from polyester material.

The polyester material is best for printing. The reason being that it is closely knitted and so whatever is printed does not look spread all over and stands out.

It is also able to stand steadfast colors for longer. This makes it possible for prints to stay longer without fading. The prints you will usually find in printed throws and blankets include geometrical designs, snowflakes, webbed designs, and many others.

Knit Design Throws and Blankets

Knitted throws and blankets have a touch of added elegance. Knitting adds a softness that makes the throws and blankets luxurious.

The most common knitting style in blankets and throws is cable knitting. Cable knitting makes the blankets sturdy and heavy. It is good to note that the knitted design is embedded inside the blanket.

The good thing about this type of blanket and throws is that they are easy to fold and can be used from both sides.

Best Thermal Blankets Buyers Guide

Before looking at some of the features you should settle for when looking for the best heated blanket, let us first at some of the reasons to buy them. Interested in adding a traditional feel and look to your décor? If you are, go for blankets and throws.

Duvets look more modern, unlike throws and blankets which are more versatile. Do not forget that blankets and throws are also much warmer than duvets.

Below are reasons on why you should purchase blankets and throws for winter:

  • Blankets and throws are more versatile compared to duvets. Usually, duvets only belong to the bed. However, blankets and throws can be used in different settings like over chairs and the couch.
  • You do not have to buy covers unlike for the duvets. Blankets and throws look and feel just great on their own.
  • Blankets and throws can be used in quite a several settings. Thus, they can be used interchangeably increasing their uses.
  • Storing blankets and throws is easy as they do not use up a lot of space. Even on folding, they do not take much space like duvets.

Use these factors as your guide when in the market for the best insulated blanket for camping:

Fabric Used

Commonly used fabric for blankets and throws are wool, fleece, and cotton. The fabric used is important as it determines the use of the blanket and who can use it. For example, people who are allergic to wool would have to go for fleece or cotton.

Wool is the warmest of all the fabric but is expensive. Fleece and cotton are more affordable than wool. Fleece has its advantages in that it does not wrinkle, it is sturdy and does not leave behind lint.


Size is important as it will determine the utility of your blankets or throws. The good thing is that in the market you will find a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

You may also notice that for cotton the size may be a bit bigger to cover for any shrinkage that may occur. However, this depends on the manufacturer.

Select the right size for the right purpose. For example, a blanket for the couch may e smaller than one for use in the bed.

Easy Maintenance

Purchase blankets and throws which are easy to maintain. This is to say that cleaning should be easy. It should not cost you more to have it cleaned or dry cleaned. However, some throws and blankets may require dry cleaning.

If you do not wish to incur more cost then you would have to go for blankets and throws that do not require much. Such blankets and throws should be convenient to wash in cold water and tumble dry in a low setting.


Choose a design that works well with your décor and setting. You can decide to go for knitted, printed or the reversible blankets and throws.

Reversible blankets and throws are mostly knitted while those made from fleece are mostly printed. You may also find that knitted throws and blankets are expensive than printed ones.

If you go for plain blankets and throws make sure you would like or enjoy the fabric on its own.


Considering the use of your blanket and throws is a worthy guide when purchasing. Most throws and blankets have multiple uses. However, when buying you should consider other uses like camping outside, for use in the couch or chair and use by night guests.

Reversible or Single-Sided

Reversible blankets and throws are warmer and heavier than the single-sided ones. They also may be made from two different materials or a single type of material. An added advantage is that both sides can be used.

For single-sided blankets and throws, they can only be used from one side. They are lighter but can be used all year round due to their light nature.

Best Thermal Blankets for Camping Reviews

Thermal Blankets use technology that slows down the heat transfer from your body to the blanket, which makes these blankets ideal for backpacking, mountaineering, or any other outdoor activity that requires a lightweight, portable blanket.

The technology uses a combination of channels and baffles that trap air in the channels to keep the air warm. The blankets are incredibly lightweight and are made with a soft polyester shell, and the fleece interior is cozy and soft against the skin.

Here are our recommendations for the best thermal blankets:

Utopia Bedding Premium Blanket

Whenever it gets chilly, you can use this warm and welcoming premium heated blanket to keep warm. Its breathable material is the lightweight meaning you can utilize it all year round. Although it is lightweight, the blanket is thick similar to other cotton blankets.

Check Price on Amazon

The fact that it is made with tightly woven material means it is not only comfortable but also low shedding as it maintains its softness throughout.

The blanket is not only luxurious but also boasts high quality. It is made using 100 percent spun cotton to offer the utmost breathability, warmth, and comfort. With every wash, it softens up for your comfortable use.

Whether it is the summer or winter, you can rest assured that the blanket will be handy.


  • Breathable heated blanket
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Tumble dried
  • Machine washable


  • Effortless to clean and maintain
  • Easy to maintain cotton material
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile


  • Slight off-gassing

COTTON CRAFT Thermal Blanket

This heated throw blanket, which features a Herringbone twin design, is woven using 100 percent cotton. While it is medium weight, there is no doubt that this blanket is highly durable. What is more, you can use it for any season.

Check Price on Amazon

The fact that it is cozy and soft means it is great for layering or snuggling with all bedding ensembles. For easy cleaning, this blanket is machine washable.

Enjoy premium when you buy this blanket. Whether you are relaxing on your couch for a movie or heading to bed for sleep, you can trust the soft nature of the blanket for nothing short of a comfortable experience.


  • 100% cotton
  • Herringbone twin design
  • Full and queen size
  • Medium weight


  • Soft and cozy
  • Easy care
  • Highly versatile
  • A great choice for RV camping


  • Slightly pricier

Utopia Bedding Queen Grey Blanket

Soft and breathable are the two words that perfectly describe this blanket. Because of its breathability, the blanket is great at regulating body temperature to ensure you remain cool especially when the nights are warm.

Utopia Bedding Premium Summer Cotton Blanket Queen Grey - Soft Breathable Thermal Blanket

Check Price on Amazon

You can buy it as a queen or full size that measures 90” by 90”. Although it might appear oversized, it is intentional to take care of natural shrinking. Since it is tailored specially for layering, you can use it on any kind of bed.

Its weave design comes in handy in making it compatible with various kinds of bedding. Since it is machine washable, cleaning and taking care of it is a breeze. Wash it separately for the first time to maintain a low lint.


  • Machine washable
  • Tumble dried
  • 100% cotton
  • Smoke grey color


  • No wrinkles
  • No nasty smell
  • Non-shrinking
  • Versatile


  • Can fade over time

HILLFAIR 100% Soft Premium Blanket

This is another impressive piece from Hillfair. A queen size blanket, it is crafted using high-grade and 100% cotton. Measuring 90 inches by 90 inches, it offers ample space for shrinking. Due to the combing of the cotton fabric, the utmost durability and softness of the blanket are guaranteed.

Check Price on Amazon

Of great importance to note is that cotton is one of the long-staple varieties which further improves the comfort and quality of the blanket. The fact that it features cotton construction means that this camping blanket is pretty much soft to touch.

In addition to that, it is also breathable and lightweight making it an incredible choice for any season. Its fibers are tightly packed to not only trap heat but also ensure you remain warm during the entire cold season.

Finally, yet importantly, the blanket is machine washable to give you an easy time during cleaning.


  • Long-staple combed cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Fun design
  • Breathable


  • Feels cozy and soft
  • Comfortable weight
  • Easy care
  • Perfect for layering


  • Slight smell

Bedsure 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket

The waffle weave design of this blanket is what makes it stand out from the rest. The design means it can complement any room décor. In addition to that, it is a great choice for layering purposes and does incredibly well with all bedding ensembles.

Check Price on Amazon

The blanket’s waffle design is responsible for its tactile, springy and soft feel. Additionally, the cotton utilized in its construction is 100 percent ring-spun to help soften the fibers hence making it wrinkle resistant.

Fade resistance is another impressive highlight of the blanket.


  • Natural cotton fabric
  • Fancy waffle weave
  • 100% cotton
  • No smell


  • Sumptuously soft
  • Springy tactile experience
  • Skin-friendly
  • No color fading


  • Needs a little more maintenance and care

Final Words

Best Thermal Blankets for Camping Reviews and Buying Guide

Thermal blankets, also called heated blankets, act just like your regular sheets and blankets, and are designed to keep you warm.

So why is it that not many people know about them?

Maybe it’s because they’re so versatile that people don’t know what to do with them. Maybe it’s because they’re not that popular in your area.

Whatever the reason, you should know what a thermal blanket is and how it differs from your average blanket.

Thermal blankets are usually handy when it comes to layering your bedding pieces. Their versatility means you can use them on camping trips, in cars, and on couches. Choosing the best thermal blankets from the many available can be challenging.

However, with our recommendations above, making a choice shouldn’t be challenging. Choose from any of our five choices for a comfortable and warm experience.