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Best Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads

Do you own a motorcycle, or are you planning to buy one? Well, whichever the case, then you know the importance of a helmet whenever you are riding a motorbike.

In most accidents involving motorcycles, the helmet comes in handy as it prevents the most critical part of your body, the head, from injuries that could otherwise cost you your dear life.

A helmet is not just like any other, but a good helmet comes with features that make the rider’s ride fantastic and enjoyable.

Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face HelmetXXLView
Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet XX-Large View
AHR Run-G DOT German Style Motorcycle Half HelmetLargeView
CARTMAN Motorcycle Modular Half Face Helmet X-LargeView
HJC Helmets CL-17 Helmet 5X-LargeView

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Why Should You Buy One?

What are the Best Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads

Your health comes first every time, so if you are operating a motorcycle, it is always essential to have a helmet on. A big head helmet will ensure that your face is protected from the sun’s harmful rays, rain droplets, and bugs as you enjoy your ride.

It’s not surprising to find a small bug in your eye being the cause of an accident.

Helmets prevent significant injuries to the head in case of an accident. Injuries to the head can be a cause of death on the spot or can cause you to develop lifelong brain damage and even psychosis.

These motorcycle helmets come with a strap that will hold the helmet safely in on the head while riding. The inner lining keeps the helmet comfortably on the head, so it is not easy to fall off if it impacts.

We all love to enjoy a quiet ride with less noise. These big head helmets fit well in your head and greatly reduce the noise outside as well as the wind noise. You will be able to enjoy your ride with minimal distraction and amber environment.

The helmets will come packed with extra features just so you can enjoy your ride. Who doesn’t love to listen to their favorite tunes while on the road?

Well, these helmets will provide for Bluetooth devices connection where you can separately buy the Bluetooth units, connect in easy steps and you are ready to enjoy your therapeutic ride listening to your favorite music.

You can also receive calls from the helmet without having to remove your cellphone.

The best helmets for big heads are just worth your money. These helmets are in the most classy designs, and the glean they present is one to impress you to the fullest.

They offer the riding experience of a lifetime, ranging from ideal colors, designs, material, and operation.

The tinted shield enables the rider to stay anonymous if they wish, the designs are classy, appealing and attractive to the eye, the durability is guaranteed, and it is simply fun to enjoy a ride in one of the best big helmets.

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Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads Buying Guide


Take into consideration the size of the helmet. Does it fit you? If not, is it adjustable to give you a custom fit? Some helmets will be flexible, while others won’t. For large heads, it is advisable to go for the motorcycle helmets for extra-large heads.


Always take into consideration the material used to manufacture the helmet. It is crucial to consider both the outer and inner material. It should be made of a material that will render it long-lasting, and the inner material should not be prone to wear and tear due to washing.

The outer material should be firm and hard enough; that way, you will always feel safe and secure as you enjoy your ride.


Helmets are not meant to provide protection, but also give you an enjoyable and comfortable ride. For a helmet to feel comfortable on you, it should be well-fitting and should have an inner lining that comfortably holds it safely on your head.

The inner lining should also have the ability to reduce noise from the outside surrounding and wind significantly. The strap should be easy to fasten and unfasten around your neck and should not, in any case, pose as a choking hazard.

Ideal purpose

Always consider the purpose for which a helmet is meant for. Are you riding a scooter, a sportbike, motorcycle for big guys or just a standard bike? The type of motorcycle you are operating should guide you in choosing the ideal helmet.

Motorcycles with a very high speed, such as racing motorbikes, will require high-end helmets while those with a lower speed such as scooters will require a half-face helmet. This will help you to match your helmet with your motorcycle type, and it will also help you avoid unnecessary spending.

Best Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads Reviews

The helmets for big heads are designed to fit most common head sizes. Finding the best motorcycle helmet for a large head is a little more difficult than finding one that fits a smaller head.

The large-size helmets are longer and wider to accommodate the extra size. (The long and narrow shape of helmets makes it more difficult to find one that fits properly, especially if you have a big head.)

The helmets for big heads usually have thick padding to make it comfortable for a larger head, and they are lighter weight. For most people, the best motorcycle helmet for big heads is going to be one of the full-face helmets.

Here are our recommendations of the best motorcycle helmets for big heads:

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet

This is An incredible headgear with gleaning features and delivers exceptional service. It has a classy styling, a washable liner, which is also removable, velocity flow ventilation, a padded wind collar, and integrated speaker pockets.

BELL Qualifier DLX Blackout Street Motorcycle Helmet

View Price on Amazon.com

It contains 2 shields, a Clear Click Release shield on it, and a dark smoke Click Release shield in the box. Both have NutraFog II, anti-fog solution, and anti-scratch coatings.

It works well with Cardo, Sena, and Bluetooth stereo headsets plus intercom systems, which are sold separately.

Its premium interior is anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and microfleece fabric.

The padded wind collar greatly reduces road noise and wind.


  • Two shields, clear &dark smoke
  • Polycarbonate composite shell
  • Accommodates Bluetooth devices
  • Contoured cheek pads


  • Interior easy to clean
  • Reduced wind and noise
  • DOT approved
  • Meets FMVSS 218 standard


  • Bluetooth device units bought separately

Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men and Women

Established in 1994, this adjustable helmet is suitable for both men and women, and it comes with an affordable price so that our customers do not forego safety due to lack of affordability.

View Price on Amazon.com

It has a stylish ride with a lightweight half face coverage, technology-loaded design, and a relaxed and comfortable fit. Its drop-down shield protects the rider from rain, sun, and bugs.

This half helmet has a moisture-wicking inner liner that wicks away moisture to provide a comfortable ride. It has a size adjustment dial system with a custom fit dial adjuster to ensure the perfect custom fit.

The padded quick-release strap system is fully adjustable and easy to use with gloves or without.


  • Fully vented high-density liner
  • Lightweight half face coverage
  • Adjustable to provide a custom fit
  • Drop-down sunshield eyes protector


  • Comfortable padded quick-release strap
  • Ideal for men and women
  • DOT FMVSS.218 approved
  • Affordable prices


  • Strap might choke

AHR DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet

This half face motorcycle helmet has an EPS liner and an upgraded ABS shell, which ensures your safety is guaranteed while riding a motorcycle. It is lightweight and comfortable with a D-ring strap that holds the helmet safely on your head.

AHR RUN-G DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet XL

View Price on Amazon.com

The removable plastic chin pad enables easy cleaning, as well as protecting your chin and providing a comfortable wearing. This makes the XL helmet one of the best bike helmets for big heads.


  • Lightweight ABS shell
  • High-density EPS liner
  • D-ring strap for safer fastening
  • Plastic chin pad for protection


  • Retro, classy and stylish
  • Meets DOT FMVSS-218 standard
  • has a comfortable wear
  • affordable prices


  • Exposes face to sun, rain

Parting Shot

Finding the right helmet can be really hard if you have a big head. They are usually smaller than the average head size. Some of them can have a large gap while others are pretty snug on your head.

You might have tried several brands but they are not the right fit for you. The first thing you should remember is that every manufacturer is different. Some designs might not be suitable for your head shape.

I hope the post has helped you get your hands on the best motorcycle helmets for big heads.