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What are the Best Motorbike Training Wheels?

As one of the most exciting outdoor hobbies and activities for many, riding a motorbike is thrilling for a lack of better words.

However, learning to ride a motorcycle might not be easy for some people as it requires some skillful execution of balancing gear, clutch control, and acceleration.

Balancing, as an essential skill in riding a motorbike, poses a significant challenge in learners as some of them have anxiety, fear, or tension. This brings the necessary nature of motorbike training wheels.

With the best bike training wheels, learners can learn with the utmost comfort and without fear. This goes miles to act as a booster when it comes to learning.

It will also ensure that young children can learn to ride motorbikes faster and without the risk of falling and getting injured.


Why Should You Buy?

It is always exciting to learn something new, especially when it comes to locomotive engines, but not a walk in the park during training. With motorcycles, a rider will likely at times fall due to balancing difficulties, and end up sustaining body injuries.

Bikes may pose a balance challenge; thus, mounting the trainer wheels ensures stability and comfort as the rider trains. The young children will find this feature very assisting in their learning experience.

Motorcycle riding is a skill that can lead to a long-term career like bike racing. So, why not nurture it at the early stages of the young children.

Once the young acquire motorcycle riding skills, it will be easy for them to advance in other riding skills such as performing stunts, and by the time they are all grown up, they will have perfected the art of bike riding.

To achieve this, a young child will need the assistance of motorcycle training wheels.

How about short people? Training to ride for them will never be a walk in the park. Thus balancing, they will need training wheels due to their short legs, which won’t reach the ground when on a standard motorcycle.

The dirt bike with training wheels will significantly come in handy to assist them during their training.

How to Attach Training Wheels on a Bike

Buying Guide

Consider the following factors when in the market for the best training wheels for motorbikes:

Material and Durability

What are the Best Motorbike Training Wheels

Consider the material used by the manufacturer. Is it durable? How long is the training machine likely to last before wearing out or requiring servicing?

Though some of the durable material-made wheels like the solid steel training wheels may seem a bit more expensive, it is sometimes better to settle for expensive with a guarantee of durability.

Motorcycle to Mount On

Different motorcycle series and models will be compatible with different motorcycle training wheels. Thus, it is good to do thorough research on the different types of training wheels, so you don’t get frustrated.

Terrain of Training

The terrain of the training activity will determine what kind of training wheels to buy. Reason? Different motorcycle training wheels will come with different tires, and these tires are designed for specific terrain.

However, some tires will be designed to do well both in rough and smooth terrains, though a hefty price tag will accompany them. It is not advisable to train on uneven terrain without pneumatic on/off-road wheels.

However, if the train will be exclusively done on smooth ground, you will not need off-road training wheels.

Period of Training

How long will the period of training last? Depending on who is training, the period of training may vary. Personal motorcycle training wheels will be in use for a shorter period than training wheels for a group of persons.

A driving school will use these training wheels for a much more extended period. Thus it will require buying wheels that are strong and durable.

Personal training wheels, especially on smooth terrain, will not need to be much sophisticated since a person is likely to learn faster and avoid using the training wheels.


Wear the shoe that fits you to avoid unnecessary spending. This is possible with proper market research to identify which training wheels meet your actual needs.

It will be pointless to spend too much on sophisticated training wheels while you can purchase a much lower-priced pair of training wheels, which would serve the purpose they were initially intended for.

Best Training Wheels Reviews

The following are our recommendations of the best motorbike training wheels:

Hardline Products Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel

This is the ideal training wheel for children to learn how to ride a motorbike. This universal trainer training wheel allows for adjustability, as well as adaptability.

It is easy to adjust the height of the wheel and mounting position to suit your riding terrain type and the level of the skill possessed by the rider.

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Hardline Products 1602-UT-H

As the rider gains experience and gets better, the wheels can be raised higher until they achieve full balance. It has a solid steel axle, CNC machined components, for an 8-inch pneumatic wheel containing four-ply tires, hardened fasteners, and sealed ball bearings.

Installation of this universal trainer is easy as it is mountable to most 50cc motorcycles. For the best balance, it mounts under the footpegs, which also provides excellent strength and durability.


  • Adjustable for different terrain types
  • Wheel spacing tolerance on the axle
  • Fits all 50cc entry-level motorcycles
  • 8-inch wheels pneumatic wheels


  • Young children can ride
  • Easy to adjust wheel height
  • Easy to mount on a motorbike
  • Works with the KTM 50 SX Mini


  • Not compatible with KTM 50 SX

BYMP_MFG_INC Adjustable Height Yamaha TTR50 TTR 50 Kids Youth Training Wheels ONLY

Manufactured and assembled in the USA, these training wheels have an adjustable wheel height, and you can adjust quickly from 0-5 wheel to ground clearance. They can be raised as the rider makes good progress so they can build confidence and realize their ultimate riding ability.

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BYP_MFG_INC Adjustable Height Yamaha

The training wheels fit in all years, Yamaha TTR50. It Includes 1 set of Yamaha TTR50 training wheels, detailed mounting, and wall mounting instructions.


  • Adjustable wheel height
  • Patent-pending design
  • Knobby all-terrain tread style tires
  • Accommodates all years Yamaha TTR50


  • Wheel lock collars for maximum safety
  • Sturdy design for young riders
  • Mid-mount 10″ wheel
  • Wheels don’t bolt into the engine


  • Needs skilled personnel to mount

Hardline Products Adjustable Height Training Wheels

These are the wheels ideal for young children who are learning how to ride entry-level electric motorcycles. The trainer system allows for adjustability, and also adaptability.

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Hardline Products Adjustable Height Training Wheels

You can easily adjust the height of the wheel and the position of mounting for your type of riding terrain. Installation of these wheels is easy as a manual to walk you through is available; also, the trainer is specifically designed to accommodate the Razor 650/500/450/400/350 models.

For the best balance, the best motorbike training wheels mounts under the stock footpegs of the motorcycles, which gives durability and strength. The trainer has a solid steel axle, bracket mounts, and clamps with grade 8 bolts, nylon nuts, and washers to bring out the perfect fit.

The trainer has an 8-inch pneumatic on/off-road with quality four-ply tires wheels. It also has a grease fitting on wheels and a brass alloy air stem. Wheels have sealed ball bearings.


  • Footpeg location mounting
  • Adjustable for terrain and rider-skill
  • The axle is solid steel
  • CNC machined components


  • Works on Razor 350-650 models
  • Superb strength and durability
  • Fasteners are hardened
  • Pneumatic on/off-road wheels


  • Small parts with choking hazard

Parting Shot

If you’re a new rider, you’re probably not going to want to spend the money on a set of high-end training wheels that are more suitable for racetracks than the roads.

Too many first-time riders buy training wheels for motorcycles that are too difficult to ride or too slow. You’re better off with rollerblades or a skateboard until you get the hang of the basics.

So, I hope the above post has helped you with the things you need to consider when buying a set of training wheels.