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What are the Best Dirt Bike Grips?

Comfortable dirt bike handlebars represent a critical part of a fantastic riding experience. Best dirt bike grips help you to avoid vibration, arm pump, and offer you control over the handlebar when riding on muddy terrain.

Finding such grips is the desire of every rider. Selecting the right grip can be a very challenging task, especially if you are undertaking the activity for the first time.

The existence of many alternatives in the market makes the selection process a daunting one. Thus, you need to be careful when choosing the best grips for dirt bikes.

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KTM 2013 Dual Compound Enduro GripsView
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Numerous manufacturers in the market offer dirt bike handgrips, and coming up with the right choice is paramount. One would want to get value for their funds.

Therefore, if care is not taken, you might end up taking home the wrong product.

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Buying Guide

Finding the best dirt bike handlebars may seem like an easy task, but there are many different things to consider when you are making your purchase.

You should think about what you will be using the handlebars for and how they will fit your bike.

You should also think about the materials that are used to make the handlebars and how the handlebars will fit in with the look and feel of your bike.

Other important aspects to consider are the price of the handlebars and what the warranty is for the handlebars. You also want to find which handlebars are right for your bike and consider the reviews of others that have used the handlebars.

Consider the following factors when shopping for the best dirt bike grips:

Price of the bike grip

What are the Best Grips for Dirt Bikes

One of the factors to consider before purchasing a handlebar is the price. They are priced differently depending on the quality and other features.

Have a budget before going to the market to buy motocross handlebar grips. Having a budget will enable you to be cost-effective.

Look for as many potential handlebars in the market as possible before making a choice. After coming up with a list of likely dirt bike grips that fits in your budget, go for the one that will fit in your bike best.

The durability of the dirt bike grip

Everyone would want to be cost-effective in their undertakings. Thus, how long the dirt bike grip will offer its service to you should be an essential factor to consider.

The durability of these handles varies from one dealer to another due to the material used in making it. Ensure that you go for the handle, which will serve you for the longest time possible.

Consider advising from friends and experts

Information is an essential tool. Consider seeking advice from friends and experts who have dealt with the same task before.

Ask questions to get a clear insight of what to expect in the market. You might get information that will enable you to pick the best handle grips at affordable prices.

Ensure that read online reviews posted by clients on the websites of various dealers. You will be able to understand the experience of multiple customers after using different handle grips.

Also, consider asking your dealer as many questions as possible, you will learn more when you ask. Get to know the difference between the handlebar grips in the market and why they are priced differently.

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Consider the size of your dirt bike

Dirt bikes vary in size, and selecting the right handle grips is a sensitive activity. Go for a grip that will best fit in your bike. Have your bike with you for you to test the handlebar before buying it.

You will avoid going home with either an oversized handlebar or a smaller one.

Client reviews

Consider going through client reviews posted by clients on the websites of different dealers. Going through their comments will enable you to rate the products offered by various dealers.

You will be able to know a lot of prices, durability, and designs of different handlebar grips in the market. Go for the grip that is rated highly by the clients.

Grip patterns

The pattern on the grips varies from one manufacturer to another. The pattern determines whether the handlebar will offer you control over your bike even when riding through rough terrain.

Go for the pattern will not only provide you control over your bike but also will enable you to feel comfortable when riding for many hours.

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Best Grips for Dirt Bikes Reviews

In this article, I’ve decided to give you a quick rundown of what I think are some of the best dirt bike grips on the market for your money. I’m not a mechanic by any means, and I don’t really know how to fix a bike so if you’re looking for reviews of specific bike models or anything like that, I’m afraid you won’t really find them here.

Here are our recommendations of the best dirt bike grips:

Renthal Diamond Grips – Twist Throttle

Renthal Diamond Grips is among one the best motocross grips in the market. They are unique by being the thinnest handlebar in the market.

Renthal Diamond Grips - Twist Throttle

View Price on Amazon.com

A thin handlebar enables you to have a better understanding of how to control your bike. They not only offer you a firm grip but also are durable.

The full diamond pattern on the bar makes it comfortable and firm even when going for long rides. Renthal Diamond Grips are also easy to install, you just need a lubricant, and the handle will fit nicely on your bike.

You can also use grip glue to make the handlebar fit nicely on the bike,


  • Thin in size
  • The full diamond pattern that makes it firm
  • Made using Zarilium
  • Lightweight handlebar


  • Comfortable even going for long rides
  • Offers you complete control of the bike
  • Durable
  • Fast installation


  • Slightly high in price compared to other standard handlebars

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KTM Compound Dirt Bike Grips

The handlebar for KTM owners is here. I must inform you that I am not a KTM owner myself, but these grips are outstanding.

KTM 2013 Dual Compound Enduro Grips - motorcycle hand grips

View Price on Amazon.com

These grips are universal as they fit in most bikes, and the material used in making them are durable. These dirt bike hand grips are amazing as they do not have any robust pattern.

They are also among the thinnest handlebars in the market. Thus, if you have small hands or need thin grips, then this handle is the right choice for your bike.


  • Thin handlebar
  • No robust patterns
  • Lightweight handlebar
  • Can be used on any bike that has a 28mm handlebar


  • Offers you control over your bike
  • Thin hence can be used by kids
  • Durable
  • Can be used in many bikes


  • Does not have a pillow pattern on it

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Scott Sports SXII MX Dirt Bike Grips

Every rider has their preference when it comes to the choice of the handlebar for their bike. Different designs and materials have been used to make bike grips in the market, which gives every handlebar a unique outlook.

Scott Sports 233925-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle Motorcycle Grips

View Price on Amazon.com

Scott sports is one of the unique brands in the market. The pattern of the grip in this used in making Scott sport grips is not one of the softest ones in the market, but it offers you tight grip and total control over your bike.

You can use a lubricant to make it fit on your bike. It is not advisable to use glue when fitting it when they are worn and you need replacement taking it out becomes challenging.

The pattern of the grips makes your ride comfortable, even going for many hours of riding. Sweaty hands have an effect of making you lose control over your bike.

However, the patterns used in the making these handlebar makes it easy for you to control your bike even when riding through muddy terrain.


  • Waffle pattern
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy installation
  • Needs glue during installation


  • Slightly cheaper than other standard dirt bike grips
  • Faster installation
  • Waffle pattern makes the grip firm
  • Slim giving you total control over your bike


  • Not durable

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Final Words

Selecting the right dirt bike grip is the desire of anyone. Even though the purchasing task might be a daunting one, if proper considerations are made, you can easily obtain a grip of your own choice.

When selecting the best dirt bike handlebars it’s important to match handlebars to the terrain you ride in. There are many different types of handlebars that allow for maneuverability in different terrains.

Choosing the best handlebars may require that you change the style you ride, but a change in handlebars can help with control difficulty, make the bike easier to ride, and even safer to ride in some conditions.

Consider the guidelines above and selecting the right one would be an easy task.