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Best Beach Flip Flops (Updated 2022)

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time to get your beach flip-flops ready.

Flip flops are a great way to enjoy the summer at the beach without worrying about your feet getting blisters.

The best flip-flops will keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish all at the same time. That’s why we put together this list of the best beach flip flops so you can pick out your perfect pair! Each has its own unique benefits.

Beach Flip-flops Buying Guide

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when buying flip flops for the beach:

Material: The material the flip flop is made of will make a difference in how comfortable it is. Consider which materials would be best for your feet and what you plan to wear them with. Some people find that rubber soles are more durable, while others enjoy leather or suede as they’re softer on the skin. A combination of materials may also work well together depending on what type of style you prefer! You can always check out different materials online if you know exactly what you want but don’t have access to try them all on at once.

Nonslip Sole: Nonslip soles are essential to keeping your flip-flops from flying off as you walk at the beach. A good nonslip sole will help prevent slipping so that even if the rest of your shoe gets a little soggy, they won’t!

Lightweight Design: Flip flops are meant to provide you with a lightweight, comfortable design. If your flip-flop is heavy or bulky, it may not be the best fit for walking around at the beach all day!

Size: Flip-flops come in many sizes so consider your own before going shopping for new ones either online or offline. If buying from a store, keep an eye out for people who may be wearing the same size as you, and see if they like them. If buying online, make sure to look at reviews before purchasing so that other people can provide insight into how well it will fit your foot!

Style: Once again, another factor that depends on personal preference. Some people prefer a more stylish flip flop with designs or patterns while others just want something simple and comfortable for the beach. Try to figure out what style works best for you so you’ll feel confident in whichever pair of flip-flops you choose!

Price tag: The last thing we always consider when making any purchase is whether or not we can afford it! Consider how much money your budget is before looking through all these great options because while some are pricier than others, all of them will be worth the cost.

Best Beach Flip-flops Reviews

REEF Women’s Sandy Flip-Flop

The REEF Women’s Sandy Flip-Flop is one of the best flip-flops for women because it is well made and comfortable. The flip-flops are perfect for wearing to the beach, pool or any other place you would want a pair of sandals.

The flip-flops are water-friendly and can be worn in the water. They are also made to dry faster than other flip-flops, so they will not get moldy or mildew if left out of their case for a while after wearing them in wet conditions like at the beach.

The sandals come with soft straps that do not rub uncomfortably against your feet and make it easy to walk without discomfort on different surfaces including gravel, grass or pavement.

I would definitely recommend these flip-flops because they are comfortable enough to wear all day long even when walking around a beach.

Maiitrip Men’s Soft Comfort Flip-Flops

The Maiitrip Men’s Soft Comfort Flip-Flops are great for wearing in the water or on land. They are made to dry quickly after getting wet, so you won’t have icky flip-flops that will make your feet smell if they sit out all day long.

The sandals come with a nice design around the edge of each strap that makes them look more stylish than other styles of flip-flops available on the market today.

They also feature an anti-skid rubber sole which helps prevent falls, especially when walking outside on pavement where there is not much traction between your foot and the ground below it. The soles keep their grip even when wet which can be helpful at beaches and pools as well as on rainy days outdoors.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Flip Flops

The Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Flip Flops are yet another great beach flip flops.

They are 100% man-made and have a slip-resistant design so you can walk with confidence on wet surfaces.

This particular model is designed to adjust to your feet as they swell during hot weather or after being active at the beach for hours on end by using Crocs comfort technology that has been patented throughout the world.

Overall these flip flops are great summertime shoes whether you’re headed out to enjoy some sunshine or just need something comfortable while working around the house!

Havaianas Unisex-Child Kids Slim POP Sandal-K

The Havaianas Unisex-Child Kids Slim POP Sandal-K is a great option for beachgoers on a budget.

This stylish sandal is not only comfortable, but it also provides the perfect amount of protection from the elements with its rubber shell and footbed.

Best suited to children one-year-old or older, this flip flop comes in various colors that are sure to please any child’s taste!

The Sandals would be an excellent choice for children looking for their first pair of flip flops at the beach.

A low price point combined with durable construction makes them ideal beach shoes without compromising comfort or style!

Roxy Women’s Vista Sandal Flip-Flop

Best Beach Flip Flops

The Roxy Women’s Vista Sandal Flip-Flop Roxy Women’s Vista Sandal Flip-Flop is a great beach flip flop because it is functional, comfortable, and looks good on your feet.

It has a soft, molded EVA insole that feels great when you are walking around in them all day long. Plus, they do not hurt after wearing them for hours!

Best of all it is very affordable so everyone can afford one pair of these great flip flops!


So now that you’ve seen our list and know what to look for in a good pair of flip-flops, it’s time to decide which ones sound best! And remember; don’t worry about blisters this summer because with these amazing beach flop-flips by your side, you’ll definitely have a blast at the beach no matter how hot or humid it gets outside!

I hope this post has helped you make your decision, but if it hasn’t then we recommend that you go try on a few pairs of flip flops in person. Chances are there will be one pair for every budget and preference!