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Best 3.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags 2022

Camping with your baby, although exciting, is not easy. For your baby to feel tightly snugged and safe, all they need will be sleeping bags.

Since they tend to turn a lot and toss; the toddler sleeping bags will make them feel like they are in the womb, and you will be guaranteed a peaceful night.

If you have a toddler, you should read on to know which type of baby sleeping bag would be best to purchase for them to feel comfortable, warm, and secure at all times.

There are numerous designs of sleeping bags for babies in the market, and you might be confused about which item bag is favorable. For toddlers, precisely consider the material used to make the sleeping bag.

Use the tog; a unit measurement used to calculate the thermal resistance of a product that comes in at this point. If the tog is high, the material will be warmer.

Sleeping BagAgeTogPrice
Slumbersac Winter Kid Sleeping Bag 3-6 Years3.5View
ergoPouch 3.5Tog Sleeping Bag 2-12 Months3.5View
Slumbersafe Winter Kid Sleeping Bag 3-6 Years3.5View
Chilsuessy Winter Baby Sleeping Bag 6-18 Months3.5View
Baby Sleeping Sack with Leg 9-24 Months3.5View

Below is a researched list of the best 3.5 tog sleeping bags.

  • Slumber sac Long Sleeve Winter Kid Sleeping Bag
  • ergoPouch 3.5Tog  Wearable blanket Sleeping Bag
  • Slumbersafe Winter Kid Long Sleeves Sleeping Bag

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Why a Sleeping Bag is Important

Your baby’s sleep is determined by the choice of sleeping bag you have. They are alternatively safe from bed sheets or traditional blankets and original swaddle transition when the baby is old enough.

Sleeping bags prevent any suffocation threat by keeping the baby’s face bright, unlike a wriggled sheet or duvet, and also they are more comfortable, warm, and cozy.

During the night, your baby can’t feel cold by kicking off the bag, hence low chance of being woken up. Whether you decide to choose a sleeping bag with organic cotton, fiber, or Merino, the room temperature, baby’s requirements, and season are always the determinants.

Have two baby bags during winter because it takes longer for a baby bag to dry when washed.

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Baby Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

Baby sleeping bags are determined by several factors; before you purchase research on what you should consider. Let’s discuss what is appropriate for a sleeping bag if you want to buy for your baby.

Warmth and rating

As mentioned earlier, the warmth of a baby bag varies because of the tog. The European Tog rating system indicates the heat of many toddler sleeping bags and the seasons usable.

Baby sleeping bags have low tog ratings of 3.5, unlike that of a duvet, which is higher. Bags with 0.5 and 1 rating are considered favorable for summer or spring, and those of 2-2.5 is for winter or autumn.

3.5 Tog sleeping bags are perfect for camping.

Several external factors determine the tog rating of a sleeping bag. They include the temperature of the camping tent, quality of the baby’s cloth that they’re wearing, amount of beddings and health of the baby.

These aspects vary from that of adults, and you should make sure to always check up regularly on the baby to prevent them from overheating. Tog indicates sleeping bag equivalence to an approximate number of blankets.

Tog rated and Non-tog rated Bags

Tog-rated sleeping bags have human-made fiber or polyester fillings that consistently perform to the testing standard. Merino made bags are not tog rated; ultimately, they have natural fiber that adjusts according to a temperature, which makes them so accessible.

Merino amazingly wicks moisture away from the skin of the bags. Bags made of the wool baby have the broadest range of temperature and are 3-seasoned hence used in rooms with 18-28 degrees, and the duvet bag handles 14-22 degrees.

Babywear at night

Clothing used inside the bag has the warmth that varies enormously and allows the addition of other layers of clothing to make it warmer; you can use a new Merino bodysuit.

Have a room temperature to help you accurately determine temperature while combining the type of clothing the baby wears with the baby bag. Many sleeping baby bags will come with a cloth guide and a free thermometer to help you decide with the combination.

Size of baby

It may seem better value to purchase a product that your baby will grow into, but realistically, buy the right size now and not for the future. The baby might clip down the neck or slip around inside it when it’s big.

You should know that sleeping bag size varies with each age range of a baby.

Zip sleeping bag

You might find that a sleeping bag with the front zip is easier to use or either the one with the diagonal zip. Front zipped pockets don’t have the hassle of babies having to pop up open at the shoulder and can easily change the nap.

Size zip and shoulder domes enable you to open the sleeping bag out flat, and its easier for babies who age-aged below six months.

Best 3.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags Reviews

Three and a half tog is a good compromise, warm enough to be used as the main sleeping bag, but light enough to be used as a liner. It is also the perfect first bag for babies, as they grow quickly and 2.5 tog bags would be too small for them after a few months, while 4.5 tog is too heavy.

On the downside, 3.5 tog sleeping bags are not really warm enough for winter trips, so they are best suited for trips in the spring, autumn, and summer.

Here are our recommendations for the best 3.5 tog baby sleeping bags:

Slumber sac Long Sleeve Winter Kid Sleeping Bag

Cold camping nights can be hell for babies, and temperatures drop drastically in the middle of the night, making your little one quickly wakes up.

Slumbersac Winter Kid Sleeping Bag Long Sleeves 3.5 Tog

Check Price on Amazon

Unlike any sleeping bag, it comes with sleeves and a long zip at the front that runs down thus keeping your baby warm throughout the night.

The bag has different choices for togs, 2.5 for standard, 0.5 for summer, and 3.5 for the winter.


  • 3.5 tog
  • 100 % cotton lining
  • Pirate embroidery removable sleeves
  • 100 degrees machine wash


  • Warm sleep slack
  • Well-made
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for the winter season and outdoors


  • Thick and a bit rough

ErgoPouch 3.5Tog Wearable blanket Sleeping Bag

It’s an adorably patterned bag with a 3.5 tog, which makes it warm enough during winter for outdoors. The sleeping bag is created as the best option for a baby, and the toddler version can be a suit with comfy padded legs.

ErgoPouch 3.5Tog Wearable blanket Sleeping Bag

Check Price on Amazon

These baby swaddles have 100 percent organic cotton, breathable fibers, and bamboo, which make it have high quality. Suitable for both toddlers and newborn babies.


  • 3.5 tog rated
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Convenient sizes
  • Short cotton sleeves


  • Great for both girls and boys
  • Soft organic cotton feel
  • Three tog ratings
  • Cozy and comfortable


  • Lightweight perfect for summer

Slumbersafe Winter Kid Long Sleeves Sleeping Bag

The slumbering face is the comfiest and safest sleeping bag that a bay can use while sleeping. The temperature is comfortable during the nights, with the 100 percent cotton made and 3.5 togs made for lower room temperatures.

Check Price on Amazon

The 3.5 tog sleeping bag can also be used during the summer camping with an adjustable tog and is padded and lightweight.


  • Sleeves are removable
  • 3.5 tog
  • 100% polyester padding
  • Machine wash


  • Comfy
  • Affordable
  • Warm
  • Long sleeves for winter


  • Too thick

Best 3.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags – Final Words

What are the Best 3.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags for Camping

The sleep store has numerous sleeping bags that you will have to choose the best sleeping bag. It might be confusing, but go through the guide and get the help you need before purchasing.

A couple of brands are well known, but all bags have a difference and look the one that stands out with your needs and of high-quality. Don’t assume about the best brand or one that is widely known as that’s what you have heard.