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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Rod

Have you ever gone fishing and noticed the person fishing next to you seems to be able to cast a country mile, yet you can’t, even though it seems both of you are using the same length rod? The truth is a little science in rod selection was behind his/her ability to do so.

Not too long ago, I was on the hunt for a new rod to match my reel (Like I needed another setup), so, reel in hand, I set out to a sporting good store that has a good selection of rods.

After using the new guide concept method and checking to see if the guides lined to form a bullseye, by sighting down the stripper guide, I quickly was disillusioned by the many offerings of even some of the more expensive rods… How is it that some manufacturers charge so much for a rod, yet place so little effort into guide alignment? Reel in hand I left the store and headed to another store. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find much at this lower budget store, but thought what the hell.

I found a rod of suitable size and sighted down the stripper guide to check guide alignments. Wonder of wonders, the all lined up forming a bulls eye pattern. “Hmmm!” I thought. Surprised by that, I attached the reel and checked to see if the guides and choke point lined up the way they should for optimum performance. I was completely blown away when they. Why? because after looking through 100 dollar rods and failing. I found one that matched perfectly and the price was a whopping $17.99… I couldn’t believe it.

The next day I headed to the local lake to check the casting distance… Yep I cast it a country mile!

So, what is this fuji new guide concept? Here it is… enjoy!

The components on a rod and their position are critical in how the rod performs. Shaking, bending and ”hefting” a rod in the showroom will do little to get you closer to the ”right” rod. Here are a few tips that will.


5 Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Rod

You shouldn’t shop for a fishing rod like it was a tomato. You’re not looking for good color and nice feel. You’re looking for performance! Consider what it is you want to catch, what pound test line you plan to use, what type of lures you intend to cast, what kind of line you will be using; braid, mono or flourocarbon and finally, consider the length that will best fit your application. We also suggest you visit a few rod websites and become familiar with terms like “action”, “power” and “speed” to further narrow your search.
By taking this first simple step, you can eliminate 90% of the rods in the store. You’ve narrowed your search considerably before you ever leave the house.


When you need to match a nut or bolt you carry it with you to the store. When you need to repair some plumbing, you have the PVC fitting in your pocket when you hit the plumbing aisle. But, somehow we’re often more prepared to by a 50-cent PVC fitting than we are to shop for an expensive fishing rod! Most of the time you have a good idea of the reel you’ll be using on the rod you seek. Having it with you while shopping is the most important element in locating a top performing rod. Refer to your answers from number 1 above and limit your search to appropriate rods. Check the line weight ratings and lure weight range printed on the rod and choose from the selection that matches your needs. 

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