Where, When, Why, Who Determines What

There is no magic pill, lotion, potion, butt cream, or thigh cream that is the be all end all for your gear. Your gear is a living breathing entity— full of life, liquid and dynamic. That means at any given time, based on where you’re going, when you’re going, whom you’re going with and why you’re going it will determine what you’re taking. Each season and location will help define the content. Each activity will determine the tools. The abilities, or limitations of those involved will drive the choices.

Everyone is looking for the perfect pack, knife, tent, bag, cup, blanket, clothes, etc. The truth is it doesn’t exist. And the more experienced you become the more you realize this.


Travelling through the jungle requires different choices than travelling the desert. Even then, different areas of the jungle may find the need of different tools.


The time of year, even in a given place, helps shape the gear you will take. Winter and summer in the desert are two completely different things


If the idea is to go off roading in the desert, there is no need to take fishing gear… Why would you? Is the plan to drive in and camp, or cover miles on foot


limitations, capabilities, and experience of those pursuing the activity will certainly determine what is taken. Do those attending need certain medicines?


Answer the Where, When, Why, Who and you will have a clear image of what to take. Certainly you don’t need negative degree clothing for a trip in the middle of summer in downtown Los Angeles.

The irony of this article is everyone already answers these questions at a lightning fast pace on a day to day basis, even subconsciously at times. The idea is to adopt this modality into your outdoor pursuits and stop looking for the one tool fits all… It doesn’t exist.

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