I Spent the Night Outdoors, Who Cares?

This post will certainly rub some folks the wrong way, but who cares! It is not intended for the neophyte lacking experience in the outdoor. It is, however, directed to those survival and bushcraft Youtube stars who have some sort of audience.

When will you get on with it? When will you show us a video of you spending multiple days in the outdoors? When will you backpack dozens of miles, over multiple days, and share with us your grit?

I, along with many, grew up camping. It was never a “hey look at me, I’m bushcrafting for one night” experience. We were out there pitching tents, roasting dogs, and frying fish over multiple days, all in the name of fun. Many of us have gone on multi day hunting trips, simply living out of some sort of tent for multiple days. Many of us have backpacked for many, many days, traversing thousands of miles while living out of a tent, or under a tarp. Why in the world should we be impressed with you spending one night in a bushcraft shelter? Many folks have been piss drunk and passed out on their front yard over night, so an overnighter is not even in the realm of impressive.

Last year, the Appalachian trail registry had several thousand registrants, many non experienced first timers. The PCT had a similar amount. So, what gives?

The fact of the matter is, when you short hike in with a cast iron skillet, 40lb packs, axes, saws, hatches, bacon and eggs it’s not even in the same league of impressive as first timers who have logged thousands of miles and spent many days in a tent or under a  tarp; moreover, those who have done it ultralight.

Impress us. At least keep up with backpacking newbs. At the minimum, section hike a 100 miles of trail, while you bushcraft or faux survive.

To many of us, you popular youtubers lack heart

Even these kids have more heart, not to mention all the first timers who have covered thousands of miles and many nights out in the wild.


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