Teva Arrowood Trail Shoe Review

When I received the call for a new project lasting two and a half months, I decided to get myself a new pair of shoes able to last the long twelve to thirteen hour days. More than anything, I needed

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60 Mile Backpacking Trip Gear Rundown

As some of you are aware, this past weekend I completed a 60 mile backpacking trip along the PCT Section C. Originally, this trip was supposed to have started in Big Bear, adding 30 miles, but due to some unforeseen

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How to Choose the Right Backpack

Backpacking season is in full swing, with many folks being on the trail since March and April, en route to completing their thru-hikes. Some of these folks are seasoned hiking veterans and have dialed in their packs for maximum carry efficiency and load, while others are learning along the way, tweaking and changing as they go along. A few things to keep in mind before buying your pack will help prevent you from tweaking, changing, and wasting money on a pack which is ill fitting and painful to carry.

Choose your gear before you choose your pack.

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Hike Your Own Hike

After last week’s gear shakedown, I knew I would have to hike my own hike. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the hiking and backpacking community, you’ll have undoubtedly heard the phrase “hike your own hike.” It basically means keep your nose out other people’s business and worry about your own.

We’d been planning this shakedown for a couple of weeks. It was our chance to gauge what did and didn’t work. Walking twelve miles, half going uphill, seemed like a great way to test us and our load out.

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