It is difficult to quantify the perfect EDC. Our ever changing lifestyle is a big factor in what determines the perfect EDC. In essence, the perfect EDC is dynamic and fluid, never right and never wrong.

I’ve always been very reserved speaking about my EDC. Several years ago, however, I made a video of what I EDC’ed at the time. Like anything else you publish online, it was met with some criticism, but meh, I wasn’t bothered by it. It was based on what I was doing on a daily basis, it served it’s purpose. As time went on, interests and jobs changed, so did my EDC. My EDC changed dynamically to meet the needs of that new interest or job. Often times I would take things out or add things in, but there was always one universal truth to my kit—keys and wallet.

For all of 2016 and large part of 2015, my EDC had changed in a big way, from what it was prior. And going into 2017 it is perfect—neither right or wrong, rather is what is. It is simple and it is specific for my everyday needs. I carry a very slim wallet, with just room for my license, two cards, and my house and mailbox key. Yes I don’t carry my house key on a key ring. I also only carry on my key ring my car key and alarm remote—that’s it. I also carry my phone which I used to take the picture of my EDC.

If I need a fork to eat, I go to the kitchen and grab one. If I need a napkin, I get one. If I need a box cutter I reach for one. Basically, I do what the majority of the world does; when they need something they have it, when they don’t they don’t. The accountant may carry a pencil everyday, because that’s what he does. At the same time he may not carry a knife, because he’s never found a use for one over the course of the day. He may, however, use one everyday to eat his dinner. Should he then carry one the entire day in preparation for dinner, or should he just grab one when it is time for dinner?

A hunter has a need to carry a knife to field dress any game he catches. Does a house maid have the same need? Does a car salesman have the same need? Does a computer programmer have the same need? Arguably, one can say they should carry a knife in the event it is needed for self defense. Are there no other weapons of opportunity that can be used—pens, pencils, newspapers, rocks, keys, glasses, bottles, etc? To carry one is neither right or wrong, but neither is it to not carry one. Many crimes have been averted by weapons of opportunity other than a knife—pots, pans, sticks, golf clubs, hammers, pens, pencils, etc.. Therefore, it stands to reason what you carry—EDC—doesn’t make you any more or less capable. I’ve seen many fail having the proper tools and many succeed having improper tools. Then again were the tools of the successful improper, as well as the tools of the failed?

There is an old saying among survivalist, “The best survival knife is the one you have at the time you need it.” In other words, the tool doesn’t make the survivalist. The survivalist makes the tool. To wit, I am not defined by what I carry. I am defined by what I don’t. It is how I act and what I know when the time arises which defines me.

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