Joshua Tree Day Trip

Joshua Tree is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Visiting there feels like you’ve landed on another planet. At least that’s the feeling I have every time I visit, today was no different.

I headed out early this morning for a meet and greet with one of the directors of Joshua Tree and to recon the area I will be teaching a two day survival course in March.

The drive there was uneventful. The rolling hills coming into Cherry Valley were already turning green, a welcome sight. San Gorgonio Mountain was covered in snow which made for a picturesque backdrop.

Once I made it to Joshua Tree, I met up with the director, exchanged pleasantries and he drove me out to the site where I will be conducting the two day class.

Tucked away into a no public access area of the park, I was greeted with a spectacular private campsite. The group area tables are arranged in a small circle at the base of a pine tree. The fire ring will be perfect for gathering around and socializing

Here are a couple of the camp areas connected to the group site—a panoramic shot would have paid off to show the entire site. A couple of sites have their own private fire rings, for those folks who prefer to decompress by themselves following a full day of learning.

A quick scramble up a nearby rock and this is the vista I was greeted with, vast open land surrounded by beautiful rock formations.

If you are interested in coming out to this two day class, visit the Joshua Tree website for additional information and reservations.

Day 1

Will cover back country emergencies which can happen at any time. In every case, there were certain actions one took leading up to the emergency. In this class, you will learn how to recognize and mitigate those actions which can lead to emergencies in the back country. You will learn simple steps to take at home, before you leave home, which can help reduce risks while venturing in the outdoors. This class will help you identify, avoid, and treat common back country emergencies—hypothermia, hyperthermia, burns, lacerations, dehydration, animal encounters and others. You will also learn how to take a common sense approach to putting a simple kit together for your back country travels as well as how to effectively use those items.

Day 2

Will be dynamic and flowing to expand on the previous day’s workshop and include hands on instruction in extended wilderness living skills. You will have an opportunity to try your hand at starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together, learn a common sense approach to knot tying using knots you already know and how to apply them to a system that is easy and efficient, basic intro into topographic map reading, knife sharpening, water procurement and purification, and simple trap construction and placement.[no animals will be harmed].

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