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I Lost My Shoe While Hiking

Like most mornings, I was up at 330a.m., so I can be make the trail by 4a.m.. This time, however, I was particularly looking forward to this hike. The mountains received some much needed rain. Strapping on my trail runners

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We Lost the Trail. Now What?

We’ve done the trail before, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. It’s not a bad trail, he said. That’s what I told my buddies as we found ourselves perched on the south facing slope of a mountain resting in

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Going Backpacking? Beware of Norovirus


Now that we’re into the new year, many people are in full swing, preparing for their upcoming hiking season. For many, that season begins as early as March and extends well into October. And with record numbers of people hitting

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Does the Sawyer Extractor Work?

The following is a rather long and extensive write up on the efficacy of the Sawyer Extractor, which also applies to other suction devices. I didn’t write it, rather found it on a Reddit thread dated back to 2014. But

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