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My Ultralight Gear List

Living in SoCal, I’m at a bit of an advantage in keeping my pack baseweight down. I rarely have to worry about inclement weather, so I can afford to dispense with some gear much of the time. I strive to

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Ultralight doesn’t have to be Expensive

Many people mistakenly believe going ultralight is expensive. While it can be, more often than not it is less expensive than your non-ultralight counterparts.

Here are some quick action steps you can do today to lighten your pack as well as saving you some money before you make the decision to buy.

The first obvious thing you can do is get rid of things.

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My Path to Ultralight

I can’t say for sure when I first used the term ultralighter for myself, but in a weird way I guess I’ve always recognized I am one. For me, less has always been more. But that has always been the

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Today I am a Bit Introspective

Sometimes you forget how far reaching your words are and how much impact they have. As some of you know (many of you know her), I have a daughter in the military. She’s a grown woman now, leading her own

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