Field Expedient Steri-strips

butterfly bandage

So, you’re out in the backcountry getting in a little bushcrafting, camping, hunting, fishing, or what have you, when you trip and fall, lacerating your arm on a branch that was sticking up from a downed stump. After wiping away the blood, you realize the gash is severe enough that it needs stitches. Not being near a hospital, that really isn’t an option. Instead, you reach for your first aid kit, knowing it has butterfly bandages.

“Ugggh!” you exclaim in frustration, as you notice your first aid kit is not in your bag.

Fortunately, your training kicks in and you expediently fashion some steristrips from the roll of duct tape you had stashed in one of your pack’s pockets.

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Baking Powder vs Baking Soda

I’ve often told people, if anyone can find a way to screw up cooking in a dutch oven, it’ll be me. Admittedly, that was me early on.

My problem is I am an adventurous cook, meaning if it’s laying around I’ll try it as part of the recipe. Alas, there have been plenty of wonderful recipes lost in oblivion, because I failed to document my hasty experiments… My family still talks about that wonderful steak I once made! On the other side, of the same token, there are also those hasty experiments I’m glad were lost into oblivion.

One of the things I really hard time getting was understanding how exactly baking powder and baking soda affected the flavor and quality of cooking. To put it in quick terms… baking soda hastens the browning process of breads. Add too much and the outside of the bread (crust) will dang near darken to a burn before the inside is cooked. The key, of course, is to not use too much baking soda.

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Jack English: 94 Year Old Mountain Man

jack english

This man has lived the life many of us dream of. And at 94, and alone, it may be time for him to let go his paradise


Frost glistens on the meadow grass. The sun has yet to crest Church Creek Divide, and on his last day in the cabin, Jack English isn’t about to break from routine. He swings his legs out of the bunk.

“Good morning,” he says quietly to Mary. Her ashes are in a small box on the narrow shelf at the head of the bed.

She’s been gone 12 years. He takes her wherever he goes, but in this far-away valley they shared and in this home they built, he feels closest to her.

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Mulberry Express

I recall, as a young boy, my friends and I standing on the 6 foot tall brick wall that separated our house from the neighbors, whilst we picked at and foraged the mulberries that grew on our neighbor’s tree. I reckon we must have been about 8 or 9 at the time. Boy and how we would get our fill.

Here’s another great article from one of my favorite bloggers, Green Deane


I used to get a lot of dates using mulberries.

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Spring Time Catfish


Many know fishing is a favorite pastime of mine. What they don’t know, however, is that catfishing is my favorite.

With spring upon us, there is plenty of great spring cat action available. Here are a few tips to get you going for some big cats


It was late March when a fishing buddy called to tell me the white bass were making their spawning run up the tributaries of a local lake.

“They’re swimming up the creeks and piling onto the shoals,” he said. “We need to get out there soon if we’re going to catch some.”

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25 Most Incredible Survival Stories of All Time


We all hear of harrowing stories of survival. Sometimes, survival instructors even use them as an example of the mental fortitude that may be required to push beyond your limits in order to stay alive.

Here is one such story, but there are countless others


Hugh Glass was a mountain man on a fur trapping expedition led by Andrew Henry in August 1823. The expedition planned to proceed from the Missouri River, up the valley of the Grand River in present-day South Dakota. Glass surprised a mother grizzly bear with her two cubs and sustained massive injuries.

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Confessions of a Sharpshooter: How a Deer Cull Actually Works


The last place you would expect to see an animal rights group is protesting alongside a hunters’ rights group, but that’s exactly what is happening on Long Island’s East End. When town, state, and federal authorities announced the plan to remove as many as 3,000 deer from the local population, it polarized the community—and created unlikely allies. This is the first landscape-level cull in the region, and it has certainly garnered its share of opposition.

Local sportsmen were outraged over the use of hired guns to manage the local whitetail population. As with a lot of areas, access for hunters is extremely limited on Long Island. Now taxpayers are going to fund a service that hunters would happily provide for free?

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A Clash of Two Truths


For many, their dogs are an extension of their family. In some cases, closer than their kin. But, what if, without warning, someone came on your property and shot and killed your dogs? What if that someone was the police? In the 1950s this is exactly what happened to the Inuit, in Northern Canada, effectively flipping there lives upside down, as they depended on these dogs for survival.

Inuit have long claimed that RCMP officers based in the eastern Arctic systematically killed thousands of their sled dogs — known in Inuktitut asqimmiit — as part of a government plan to force Inuit to abandon their traditional camps and move into western-style permanent communities.— CBC NEWS, Oct 20, 2010

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Getting Flat Feet Ready to Hike 2650 Miles


A couple of weeks ago, someone I know was sharing their excitement with me about getting going into the Army. It been a long time dream and now it was finally happening. When asked how the physical went, she laughed and said, “I felt like a lab rat”.For what ever reason, she brought up they also checked the arches on her feet.

Sometime ago, I ran across an interesting article, on Brian Green’s backpacking site and when this conversation about flat feet came up, for some reason I remembered it, not that this newly sworn in soldier had flat feet. At the time, when I read the article, I did some quick research and found this.

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Easy Homemade Buttermilk and Dutch Oven Biscuits

dutch oven biscuits

A staple of the camp cook is some buttermilk biscuits. Just the aroma wafting through the air is enough to make a person salivate. With all things camping, however, one has to be fairly selective in what to carry, because things can get pretty out of hand, gear and food wise, fairly quickly.

I’m a big fan of making my food from scratch, meaning I don’t like using special purpose items for one use only. That means, I also like making my buttermilk from scratch.

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