Live Free or Die

live free

As if one is not already overwhelmed with the litany of survival type shows currently on television, NatGeo has introduced yet another to the already popular genre. But does it live up to the name? Tonight’s premiere episode introduced us

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34 Delicious things You can Cook Over a Campfire

As much as I enjoy camping and the sight and smell of a campfire, you’d be hard pressed to get me to make a campfire in the heat—not even for cooking. But, as fall is knocking on our door and the whether cools, oh baby, I’ll use any excuse to make a fire. And if I can cook something over it, even better.

Yeah I know we’re still in summer—Hell (pun intended), we are stepping into a heatwave this week, with the temps climbing, according to some websites 108 degrees—but I had to repost this great article I found. If nothing else for the images and the idea that in the next few short weeks I’ll be gett’n my outdoor cook on and trying out some of these.

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Foraging Apples

Nothing makes my mouth water like a good cold crisp Granny Smith Apple sliced up and dashed with a little hot sauce and salt. Of course Granny Smith Apples aren’t the only apples around. In fact, as we quickly approach fall, one can take delight in some wild apples.

Green Dean, one of my favorite bloggers, has a great article on apples in general, including wild ones

Wild Apples are one of the most common over-looked foraging foods. People take one taste, spit it out, and go on their way.

Because of the story of Johnny Appleseed (who was a real person) most folks think apples aren’t native to North America. There were plenty of apples here when Europeans arrived, but they were Wild Apples not cultivated apples. What’s the difference?

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Fishing Rod


Have you ever gone fishing and noticed the person fishing next to you seems to be able to cast a country mile, yet you can’t, even though it seems both of you are using the same length rod? The truth is a little science in rod selection was behind his/her ability to do so.

Not too long ago, I was on the hunt for a new rod to match my reel (Like I needed another setup), so, reel in hand, I set out to a sporting good store that has a good selection of rods.

After using the new guide concept method and checking to see if the guides lined to form a bullseye, by sighting down the stripper guide, I quickly was disillusioned by the many offerings of even some of the more expensive rods…

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Campfire Club of America

Welp, it looks like our friends over at have hit it out of the park with this one, yet again!
The videos contained in the article are priceless, in my opinion

I’d no idea of such club, and after reading the article I have only one question… Where do I sign up?


Last year I wrote an article which included an excerpt from the book,On Your Own in the Wilderness by Townsend Whelen and Bradford Angier. In that article was a quote mentioning the Camp-Fire Club of America (CFCA). I, and my friends who study and appreciate Classic Camping, have seen mention of the CFCA in text from the early 1900′s and obviously up to the late 50′s; however, we assumed they simply did not exist these days. And little did we know the extent to which they have and what they continue to do for conservation.

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Edible Wild Plants for Survival, Not So Fast

here is an article I found interesting and eye opening. Some of the stuff Mors Kochanski was talking about I’d not heard before, like “Fasting usually brings on greater clarity of thought and improved recall” I will say this, when I’m hungry and glucose drops I can’t think straight and get grumpy.

Anyway, here is the article


One of the Survival 101 maxims is “Learn my top edible wild plants for survival!” Equipping yourself with this knowledge is empowering according to most instructors, whether it is a fight for survival or a recreational walk through the woods. Whichever experience is being sold, it comes down to being self-reliant. Therefore, many put learning edible wild plants at the top of their “must learn” list.

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Bushcraft 101… A book review


Dave Canterbury is arguably one of the most popular survival instructors in the general public eye. This is in no small part due to the popularity of his role as one of the original co-stars of Discovery channel’s “Dual Survival” and his online videos. With the success of his school and personalized products, along with his breadth of knowledge, writing a book was a natural progression for Canterbury.
“Bushcraft 101, a Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival”, authored by Dave Canterbury, is yet another book to enter the survival community, but when one opens to the title page, one is greeted with a long list of topics, some common and others not so common in this type of book.

Unfortunately, this long list is the detriment of the book. In an effort to squeeze as much information as possible between the pages, many of the sections were left lacking. Many times, it seemed topics were just given a cursory overview, simply for the purpose of inclusion, but did little in the way of teaching.

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Tales From the Green Valley… Video

With the ubiquitous hustle and bustle surrounding us, we often dream of escaping to a more simpler time, a time free of traffic, city noise, honking horns and large crowds. After all, isn’t this why many of us escape to the great outdoors on our myriad camping excursions? Though we dream of being transported back in time, just how well would one be able to adjust, however?

In 2005, the BBC ran a twelve part series following a group of historians and archaeologists for a year as they lived the lifestyle of the 1620s, wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, and using the same technology.

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The Better Bow and Drill


For as long as I remember and what ever reference I’ve ever come across, when it comes to the bow and drill, it is said to use a hefty branch with a bit of bend to use as a bow. I’m not exactly sure why that is, other than perhaps the idea comes from our Northern Ancestors who would fashion a bow from a naturally curved walrus tusk or bone. It is perhaps that image that has spawned so many to believe it is the ideal shape and therefore reprint the images and ideology over and over again.

From a purely mechanical standpoint, the bow and drill far exceeds the hand-drill in machine efficiency, but there is still room for improvement with small tweaks that will make the bow and drill easier to use.

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8 Solar Fire Starting Tips You Must Know

Most everything I’ve ever seen in print in regards to using a magnifying glass to start a fire has been very generic—focus the sun beam on something dry and swoosh fire. Sometimes I’m left wondering if the authors of some of the things I’ve read have actually started a fire with such a device? Perhaps, the author has used a big magnifying glass that can easily fry an egg, but when a small wallet type one is used the tactics change a bit.

I have to admit, I was a bit taken a back when I read the following article, because, well, It seems Creek Stewart was inside my head when he wrote it.

Creek’s tip #4 has been what I’ve been telling folks for many years, often to the disbelief of even well known outdoor instructors. It’s not until I demonstrate it they are convinced.

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